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6291X-Men (movieverse, post X2) - Elemental [4-5/17] ensemble (rated teen/mature)

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  • Katt S
    Feb 6, 2006
      Title: Elemental
      Author: katt (xeno3kattz@...)
      Rating: teen/mature (PG-13 only with more swearing)

      Fandom: X-Men movieverse, post-X2
      Characters: Eveyrone pitches in although it's mostly Scott Summers, Remy
      Lebeau Summers, Alex Summers, and Adam Darr Summers.

      Summary: Someone is after the Summers brothers. The bad news is they've
      already succeeded in taking Adam. The worse news is that Scott, Remy, and
      Alex have to work together to save him. And you thought the Brady Bunch was

      Disclaimer: All the characters you can recognize belong to Marvel
      Entertianment. The movieverse verisions also belong to Fox, Brian Singer,
      David Hayter, and Zak Penn. The pictures aren't mine either; they're gacked
      from The James Marsden Web, Josh Holloway Fan, Paul Walker World, and
      Desiring Hayden.Net. Yes, I believe in "X-Men: The End". No, you can't make
      me think otherwise.

      Archived: Katt's Aerie & Lebeau Library; I'd hardly say no to anyone else if
      they ask.

      Chapter 4: Present Interlude #1 =
      Chapter 5: My Place at the Table =

      The entire fic can be found at:


      As always, thank you so much to my beta readers (who wish to remain
      anonymous which suits me fine; now I have them all to myself1
      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Thanks also to everyone who has left feedback so far;
      it's all digital chocolate to me.