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  • Jordanna Morgan
    Dec 16, 2005
      Hello all. I'm still out here, after various real-life issues, and am even poking at what will hopefully be a Christmas ficlet in the next week. In the meantime, I'd like to invite those interested to check out my latest endeavor, which actually is more or less fiction-related.

      "New York City, USA. Throughout its history, it has been a destination for immigrants, a melting pot for cultures... and now, a refuge for mutants. Manhattan is the home to a growing subculture for those whose natural gifts have made them outcasts from ordinary society. They come in search of new beginnings, adventure, or simply anonymity among the masses. Many find their way to Lusus Naturae, a "mutie bar" where others like them gather. And some, willingly or unwillingly, end up in the hands of the bar's mysterious owner--for the mutant philanthropist Nocturne has plans of his own for mutantkind, and every lost soul who drifts through his door risks becoming a pawn in his game."

      Lusus Naturae is a new roleplaying game, set in the X-Men movieverse and featuring all-new characters and settings. Explore an underworld in which a "mutant mafia" is working toward mutant superiority, while mutants of good will fight for the protection of humanity. Heroes and villains are equally welcome. :)