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6267ADMIN: Troll Warning

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  • Devil Doll
    Oct 25, 2005
      Some of you may already know of a rather infamous troll who goes by the
      screen name “jeremycrawfordj2000.” This person contacts people via AIM
      and Yahoo! Messenger, asks them to write specific stories for him, and
      then becomes verbally abusive when they refuse. He has a history of
      this kind of behavior in several fandoms, going back at least a year
      that we know of, and several weeks ago he contacted an XMMFF list
      member, who in turn contacted us about his actions.

      While the behavior of list members outside this forum is beyond the
      scope of list moderators, this troll did specifically mention he’d
      obtained the list member’s contact info via his XMMFF membership. As a
      result, he’s been removed and banned from the mailing list.

      Given his long-standing history of rude behavior, we felt it likely he
      will continue this behavior, and we felt it appropriate to alert those
      who might not be aware so you can block him beforehand if you so

      We’ve since made the member list accessible to moderators only so no
      one else can use it to get contact info, but that doesn’t mean he
      didn’t already get plenty before we banned him.

      In addition, we’ve edited the FAQ to address this kind of behavior,
      which will result in banning at the first offense. There will be no

      If you have any questions regarding list policies, please feel free to
      contact one of us.

      Devil Doll, Mara, & Minisinoo
      XMMFF List Moderators