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6265[META] Research issues for writing x-fic....

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  • wolf_crescentwalker
    Oct 24, 2005
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      Greetings, gang. I'm in a quandry.

      I've enjoyed the hell out of reading fanfic this summer; sort of
      takes the edge off jonesing for X3 to be released. But now I need
      some answers/help on these topics:

      * is there a list/forum/whatever to help in researching X-details?
      For instance: I have read 3 different fanfic comments about how much
      adamantium (by weight) Logan is carrying around inside him. I can't
      recall that 'that' specific detail is ever mentioned in the movies,
      so I'm guessing that all those references are either assumed by the
      fanfic author, or alluded to in the comics somewhere. Having NEVER
      read an X-comic, I have no clue, but I'm a stickler for details.

      * I have found a lot of disrespect for "Mary Sue" characters (some
      deservedly so), and yet I've really enjoyed a few of them. I realize
      that a MS is not in line with this list, since it's Movieverse, but
      I'm looking for a general overview of fic-writers on well-done MS's.

      I guess that's enough to get me started. Any and all feedback on
      these topics is greatly appreciated, and if you don't want to reply
      on-list, please get back to me at wolf755@... (where you are
      much less likely to get lost in the typhoon of Yahoo! bulk mail that
      I delete unread).

      *tips hat*

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