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6242Persuasion, Magneto/Rogue, NC17 (Novel-length Fic)

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  • Shannon
    Aug 29, 2005
      Title: Persuasion
      author: Sophie Richard and Sionnain (we post on Livejournal, on our
      Fic Collaboration LJ, Virtue_and_vice)

      (brief) summary: After finding a way to touch her, Magneto kidnaps
      Rogue in an attempt to teach her how to control her powers. Rogue
      finds herself similarly frightened of--and attracted to--her enigmatic
      new teacher, the only one who is able to give her what she has always

      Rating/warning & pairing (if applicable): Magneto/Rogue (we promise!
      You'll like it. *G* Just give it a whirl!), with a side of

      The fic is very long, and all the parts are posted on LJ. I've
      included the link to the first part, and at the end of the entry is a
      link that takes the reader to the next set of chapters, and so on,
      until the end.


      Thank you!!!