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6222FIC: What Plaited Cunning Hides (What’s Past is Prologue 9/18)

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  • Mo
    Jul 26, 2005
      What Plaited Cunning Hides (What’s Past is Prologue


      “So what?”

      “Aren’t you going to tell me about him?”

      “Ezra, mon petit, pas ici. Sorry, tell you about who,

      “The guy you spent the night with.”

      “Nothing to tell. Some trick. Here on business.”

      “You must have liked him. You stayed the whole

      “He was okay. Nice enough. I won’t see him again.”

      “You didn’t even exchange numbers? April, honey,
      would you get Ezra’s ball back for him?”

      “No, he asked, but I made some excuse.”


      “I don’t want to see him again. I don’t want to see
      anybody again. I’m not looking for a relationship.
      Besides, he doesn’t even live here.”

      “Where does he live?”

      “DC. And he’s a reporter. A friend of Jake
      Patterson’s, as it turns out. The whole thing was
      starting to feel... I don’t know, incestuous or

      “Does he know Adam?”

      “I don’t know. I didn’t want to know. I didn’t tell
      him Adam’s name. Merde!”

      “What’s wrong?”

      “Do we have to talk about Adam?”

      “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring him up.”

      “You didn’t. I’m not mad at you – I’m mad at me. I
      didn’t tell this guy – Rick – Adam’s name, but I
      talked about Adam to him. I told him my ex is a
      reporter. And just about choked on saying ‘ex’ when I

      “I’m sorry, sweetie.”

      “Thanks. I did stay the night, but I thought about
      Adam pretty much the whole night – even when I was
      doing it with Rick. Can’t I go a day without
      thinking, talking, *obsessing* about Adam Greenfield?
      I’m sure he’s not spending his time dwelling on where
      we went wrong. Why should I?”

      “This is so hard, isn’t it?

      “Oui. I hate myself when I’m like this.”

      “Is there no hope? No chance you’ll get back

      “Doesn’t seem likely, does it? I’m here with you and
      he’s in San Francisco getting fucked by Jake
      Patterson. Couldn’t wait until next week when Ezra’s
      supposed to be with me. Just dumps him on me with a
      quick ‘thanks for covering for me,’ tells Ezra he’ll
      call him every day, and he’s off.”

      “What makes you think he’s with Jake?”

      “Oh, come on Wendy. You didn’t believe that secret
      mission story, did you?”

      “Yeah, I do. I don’t know what he’s doing, but
      whatever it is, Adam’s doing it for Scott. For the
      X-Men. I totally believe it. He told me he couldn’t
      talk about it, but he was absolutely serious about its
      importance. Scott didn’t say anything to you about
      it? You’re with him enough these days.”

      “No, he didn’t say anything. And you’re right -
      Cyclops has me in his office all the time. He’s been
      giving me assignments, talking about what’s going on
      with the X-Men. I’ve been in on all the team meetings
      and there hasn’t been a single mention of this
      supposed mission of Adam’s. Don’t you think that’s

      “Yeah, but not the way you’re thinking. It makes me
      wonder what Cyclops is sending Adam to do that he
      doesn’t want the rest of the team to know.
      Jean-Paul, I’m not saying Adam hasn’t made mistakes.
      I could just shake him for not at least *trying* to
      work it out with you.”

      “He says he hasn’t decided yet. He says he still
      loves me, but he’s scared we can’t make a go of it.
      He doesn’t know what to do.”

      “I believe that. But the longer he waits the harder
      it will be. He’s deciding by indecision, and I hate

      “Moi aussi.”

      “And I just know you two are meant to be together.
      I’m not too thrilled with Adam these days. But one
      thing he isn’t is a liar. If he were running off to
      Jake’s he might tell you that, or not. He might demur
      when you asked where he’s going, but he wouldn’t make
      up something like this. If Adam says he’s on an X-Men
      mission, that’s what he’s doing, even if Scott isn’t
      telling what it is. I’m sure of it.”


      “Jake? Adam.”

      “Hi! I was just thinking about you. I figured I’d
      wait until later to call, until Ezra’s in bed. Are
      you all settled back in DC?”

      “No, change of plans. I’m not in DC.”

      “Still in Westchester? Is Jean-Paul there, too?”

      “He’s there. So is Ezra, but I’m not. I’m in
      Goodland, Indiana.”

      “Where’s that?”

      “About 80 miles from Chicago. It’s where Scott
      Summers grew up.”

      “Don’t tell me you’re investigating him, too!”

      “Yeah, but it’s not what you think. The Herald didn’t
      send me here. Scott did.”


      “He wants me to do my own investigation, so he can be
      prepared for whatever Rick Kapell finds.”

      “You told him about Rick? How did he react?”

      “I didn’t get a chance to tell him. He already knew
      all about Rick investigating him. Sounds like Rick
      called half the X-Men, as well as a bunch of other
      people Scott knows.”

      “Wow! So did Scott tell you what the skeletons in his
      closet are?”

      “No, he didn’t tell me anything, just that he wants me
      to see what I can find and report back. He said he
      wasn’t going to give me any information, so I’d be on
      even footing with Rick. But of course I’m not,

      “Right. You knew to go to Dumbfuck, Iowa.”

      “Goodland, Indiana, but close enough. Yeah, I already
      knew where he’s from. I don’t think Rick will. In
      fact, I think Rick’s probably in Peru.”

      “Peru? Why Peru?”

      “Jake, this is all confidential. You understand? You
      can’t tell anybody any of this, particularly not Rick

      “Of course I won’t. You can trust me.”

      “I know. I just thought I should say it. Anyway, why
      Peru? Not the country. Peru, Vermont. Charles
      Xavier had a ski house there. Scott’s passport lists
      Vermont as his birth place. I checked vital records
      in Peru. He’s got a birth certificate that says he
      was born there, child of Charles Xavier and a Maria
      Summers. She never existed, as far as I can tell.
      It’s a complete fake, but a really good one. It looks
      like Charles went to a lot of trouble to give Scott a
      new origin.”

      “Which makes you wonder what was so bad about the old

      “Exactly. Well, one thing about the fake birth
      certificate – it seems to have used his real birthday.
      At any rate, one Christopher Scott Summers, Jr. was
      born on May 14, 1978, here in Indiana. And that’s the
      same day that Scott Xavier Summers was supposedly born
      at home in Peru. You want to bet that Junior went by
      his middle name?”

      “I won’t take that bet. So, what are you going to do

      “Nothing tonight. Well, except call Marv and make
      some more excuses for why I’m not back at work.
      Although I did send him the NIH piece, so maybe he’ll
      just yell at me about whatever he thinks is wrong with
      it. That might distract him from yelling at me for
      being out in the middle of nowhere when I’m supposed
      to be back in DC.”

      “I bet there’ll be nothing to yell at you about.”

      “That’s the problem – I think it’s pretty good. I
      should have written a piece of crap to distract him.
      Oh well. I’ll call him soon.”

      “Where are you staying?”

      “Some motel. But I don’t know how long I’ll be here.
      Just call me on my cell.”



      “I miss you. I want to be with you.”

      “I’ll see you next week... I miss you, too. Last
      weekend was great. Particularly that last time,
      Sunday morning. I can almost feel it again, just
      thinking about it.”

      “I can see your face if I close my eyes. I bet you’re
      getting that kind of glassy look in your eyes you have
      when I fuck you. That sort of unfocussed look – it
      makes me hard just thinking about it.”

      “I’m glad you think it’s hot, but I’m afraid it’s just
      myopia. That’s okay, laugh at my infirmity. I don’t
      mind... Hey, Jake – I ended up with one of your
      sweaters. Sorry. It was an accident.”

      “That’s fine. Must mean you want to come back. Which

      “Navy blue cashmere pullover. It’s just like one of
      mine, except mine’s charcoal grey. I think I must
      have packed in low light or something, and mixed them

      “I don’t have a sweater like that. I know yours – I
      was scheming to borrow it. I love cashmere. But I
      was sure you packed it.”

      “Well, I don’t know where it is then. Or where this
      one came from. Oh well, a mystery. I think I’ll work
      on my main mystery instead. First thing tomorrow, I’m
      going to visit Christopher and Katherine Summers and
      see if I can find out what they think became of their


      “Jean, I know you wanted to talk to all three of us
      together, but Adam’s on a mission right now, so it’s
      just Jean-Paul and me.”

      “Yes, Scott told me he’d sent him on one. Well, we
      can fill him in when he gets back. I’ve tested both
      boys. You understand how the X-gene testing works?”

      “Pas moi. Anjuli read your paper and tried to explain
      it to me, but it kind of went in one ear and out the
      other. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need to know how
      it works. I trust you that it does, Jean, and that’s
      enough for me.”

      “Well, I really do think it works. Or at least I did.
      The theory’s sound and I’ve gotten consistent
      results. I’ve tested everyone here at Xavier’s –
      including non-mutant staff – and all the people at the
      Outpost, too. I can reliably tell who’s a mutant and
      who isn’t. I thought it worked even before
      manifesting. It *should* – it’s not dependent on the
      X-gene activating.”

      “Yes, that was quite clear in the paper. I’m really
      glad of this technique, Jean. I’m counting on it to
      confirm what seems to be happening - that Hank’s a
      mutant and coming into his powers. And Jean-Paul and
      Adam want to know about Ezra, too.”

      “Yes, well I was hoping I’d be able to give you that
      information. But now I’m not so sure.”


      “I’ve tested repeatedly and I always get the same
      results. What I’m seeing is indication that Ezra’s a
      mutant, but Hank isn’t.”


      “Yeah, I don’t know what to make of that. It’s Hank
      who appears to be manifesting, and so early. At first
      I thought I just mixed up my samples. But I’ve
      repeated the tests; I’ve had my assistants do them for
      me... I’m getting the same results each time. I
      don’t know what other explanation there is for Hank’s
      skin color changing to blue and back all the time, but
      – if I’m right that this method works – it’s not a
      mutant power.”


      “Hi, stranger. Do you feel like flying? We could
      head over to Bear Mountain. Go for a swim in the lake

      “Um. Maybe later. I’m meeting RoseAnn in a few
      minutes. I’m sorry.”

      “Far be it from me to stand in the way of young love.
      I’ll catch you later.”

      “Uh, Warren? Do you have a minute?”

      “Sure. What’s up?”

      “Well, it’s about RoseAnn and me... You know what I
      said to you about me being a virgin?”

      “You’re not anymore? Way to go.”

      “No, I still am. We haven’t... we might... It’s
      just, well, neither of us ever did it before.”

      “Everybody has to have a first time.”

      “I’m just worried... I don’t know, worried that I
      won’t do it right or something. Could you... I don’t
      know... just tell me what it’s like?”


      “Hi, Logan.”

      “Hey. I’m glad to find you alone.”

      “Well, just for a couple of minutes. I’ve got
      Jean-Paul coming for a meeting at 2:00.”

      “What’s going on?”

      “Assorted X-Men stuff. And I’m still trying to talk
      him into teaching.”

      “Haven’t you convinced him yet?”

      “He’s insecure about his lack of formal education.
      I’m trying to help him get over that. And talking to
      him about going back to school himself.”

      “And you need this much time alone with him? You’re
      starting to smell like him, Cyclops.”

      “Logan, don’t start this. You know there’s nothing
      going on between Northstar and me.”

      “I don’t know that. I know there’s next to nothing
      going on between you and me. Nothing at all if I
      don’t push you to. I figure you’re getting it
      somewhere else.”

      “I’m not doing it with anybody else. Believe me or
      not – it’s the truth.”

      “How come you and Northstar were both out all night
      the other night?”

      “I was on a mission. With Nightcrawler and Storm, for
      chrissakes! You know that. I have no idea where
      Jean-Paul was. I don’t monitor his activities when
      he’s not working.”

      “I know you. You’re not like this. You don’t like
      doing without.”

      “I’m not feeling exactly like myself lately.”

      “Scott, he’s dead. You don’t have to live your life
      by what he wanted you to do.”

      “What are you talking about?”

      “You think just because he didn’t like me and you
      being together you’ve got to find someone he’d approve
      of now that he’s dead? That’s so fucked.”

      “It would be fucked if I were doing it. I’m not.
      It’s nothing like that. Charles gave his... blessing,
      if you want to call it that, to you and me before he
      died, for what it’s worth. And it’s not worth much.
      I didn’t let his objections stop me before and I
      wouldn’t now. You’re my lover. I just don’t feel
      like sex much lately. Look, I’ll try. I’ll work on
      it. I know this isn’t fair to you.”

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