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  • Minisinoo
    Jul 3, 2005
      For those of you who are not members of Live Journal and/or were
      unaware of it, most of the stories for 2005 X-Men Movieverse ficathon
      have been posted. While not all are yet up (a few are running late),
      by the time they are, there will be over 50 stories, gen, het and
      slash, featuring a wide variety of characters, and pairings that
      range from common to unusual, and rating that range from suitable for
      anyone to adult only.

      In short, you're sure to find *something* there that you like. :-)

      The URL for the ficathon stories is:

      The ficathon was organized this year by Penknife, with assistance
      from Aldalindil, so give both of them a (virtual) hand.

      --For those of you who're unfamiliar with Live Journal:

      The newest posts appear on the page top, so the first parts of a
      story will appear *lower* on the page (there are at least three that
      have multiple parts). When you reach the bottom of the page, you can
      click on the "earlier" link to find previous stories.

      Right now, there are a full three pages worth of stories from this
      year (and if you wish, you can keep reading stories from the previous
      year's ficathon, posted earlier).

      Last, you CAN leave feedback for an author, even if you're not a
      member of live journal. Simply select the "comment" option, then the
      "anonymous" option. You can sign your comments, so they'll know who
      you are. Please don't forget to 'feed' the authors whose stories you

      Happy reading!

      XMMFF Co-Mod

      The Medicine Wheel: X-Men Fanfic

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