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6206GRAIL (post-X2) 8, 9, diary 7, 10, diary 8 (adult) ensemble

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  • Minisinoo
    Jun 23 12:20 AM
      This constitutes a major update to the MIP (monster-in-progress) (not
      just in word-count, but in content, too). For those of you as
      frustrated as I am by the current crop of rumors leaking out about
      X3, here's my answer ... ;>

      GRAIL: a novel of resurrection

      URL: http://www.themedicinewheel.net/grail/grail.html

      Summary: At Alkali Lake, Jean Grey gave her life to save her fellows.
      But if so, what's risen from the water? A little bit ghost story, a
      little bit love story; a little bit mystery, a little bit suspense.

      Characters: ensemble (i.e., all characters from the film will show
      up, and then some.)

      Genre: mystery-suspense

      Now complete:
      Chapter 8: "Sweet dreams & flying machines"
      Chapter 9: "Meiyo"
      Diary Entry 7: "Moving on"
      Chapter 10: "Phoenix"
      Diary Entry 8: "Tremors"

      I'm now hard at work on Chapter 11. Hope you enjoy; let me know what
      you think. (Feedback always welcome)

      The Medicine Wheel: X-Men Fanfic

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