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  • Linda J
    Feb 26, 2005
      Fan Fiction.net has taken my story Cry For Mercy down from their
      site. Here is a copy of the notice I received from FF.net admin this

      ----Linda J,

      Title: "Cry For Mercy"
      Summary: "Full summary inside chapter 1. Don't worry,
      even though I rated this story NC-17 in my summary,
      which is accurate for its original content, I have
      excluded all graphic material to bring it to an "R" rating
      here at FF.net."
      Rating: "R"

      Main reason for removal: "Rating: explicit content or
      adult content above current rating"

      the above story has been removed because it violated
      the guideline detailed on the upload page.

      This infraction has been recorded and once you reach a
      certain limit, your account be automatically banned.
      as a result of this infraction, you will not have
      upload access for a period of time.

      FanFiction.Net has a set of guidelines for the
      uploading of stories and chapters.

      True the original version does contain such material; however, I
      removed the sexually graphic scene from the story just so I could
      put it on FF.net.
      This story has been posted for more than two years with over 50
      reviews, but just because last weekend, some jerk-off got anal when
      he/she read in my cover sheet summary that the story originally had
      NC-17 material they complained to the admin on that basis alone, the
      story was yanked!
      There IS nothing in the R rated version to call for its removal,
      otherwise I'm quite sure some one would have tattled on me sooner,
      and considering that I have not added ANY sex scene in roughly a
      year, they have had plenty of time to give me the boot.
      No, FF.net would rather offend a writer as well as the followers of
      a story and delete someone's hard work than challenge some idiot who
      had nothing better to do than cry wolf!
      Therefore, I will be removing myself from FF.net and will delete ALL
      of my stories from there immediately. -Linda J.