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6131FIC: Homework, Lessons and Life ( R, Pyro/Iceman) X1

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  • Clare
    Feb 7, 2005
      Title: Homework, Lessons, and Life
      Author: Staramber
      Rating/Warnings: R (sexual content)
      Characters: Pyro/Iceman
      Setting: Post-X2, canon.
      Summary: For when the only thing getting in the way is yourself.
      Disclaimer: Owned by Marvel and Fox not me.
      Note: _text_ shows use of italics.

      _I never knew when he was joking._

      His arm slipped round my waist as his other hand pointed to my
      mistakes on the screen. He spread his hand across the top of my hip
      and slipped his thumb through the loop of my jeans. The closest one.
      He ran his fingers over me while the other hand still pointed to the
      monitor. Still correcting my work.

      'And that's just about it.'

      Then he looked at me. For first time in five minuets he looked at me.
      He looked at me and he laughed at me. One movement and his arm moved
      away. He left my skin burning.

      _I didn't know if he was doing it on purpose._

      'Maybe it's just you.'

      He could do it, everyone else could do it, I just couldn't put the
      damn circuit together without blowing up the bulb. By the time I'd
      cleaned up the glass he was stood at my desk. He called me over and as
      I got to closer he spun around me, pushed me against the desk, and
      grabbed hold of my arms. I was like a puppet wile everyone else stood
      around laughing. Against my back I could feel every movement of his
      body. I could feel his knee brushing up my inner thigh. Could anyone see?

      _I didn't know if it was just for show._

      He was waiting on my bed, arms folded behind his head and legs crossed
      at his ankles. As always, a grin across his face. I closed the door
      behind me. And walked, hypnotised, towards him. I didn't question, I
      just followed, the next thing I knew I was lay on top of him and he
      was pulling off my shirt. I tried to read his eyes, I tried to see
      what he was thinking. If he really wanted this, or if he was testing
      me. Knock.


      I sprang back. I answered the door and he walked out of it.

      _I didn't mean it._