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6130Fic - Pyro and Iceman

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  • Tara Ann
    Jan 31 12:24 PM
      Title: Fire and Ice, Everything Nice
      author: Tara Ann
      summary: Bobby is jealous of John and doesn't know how to seduce
      him. X2
      Rating/warning & pairing: NC-17 for brief profanity and sexuality.
      *Characters do not belong to me except for Jill – she is mine and
      looks like Claire Danes.
      ** I've liked Pyro from the first moment I saw him in X2. He's
      complex with confidence and vulnerability. I only hope I give St.
      John Allerdyce the respect and understanding he deserves. He is the
      boy with the soft edges and the palest pout.

      "Thanks for hanging out with me tonight," said Bobby. "I
      guess I thought you wouldn't because of you joining The Brotherhood
      and everything."
      "I'm still your friend," John Allerdyce said. He was dizzy,
      maybe even more drunk than he'd ever been in his life. He let
      himself collapse on to the couch, his arm resting over the edge.
      "Maybe you want to lie down?"
      John groaned. "Noooooo, if I lie down I'm going to vomit
      every cherry and slice of lime that came with the drinks . . . I'm
      just gonna sit here . . . until my head stops spinning . . ."
      "Then I'm gonna take a shower," said Bobby, watching John.
      He thought of removing the boy's brown leather jacket, but decided he
      liked it on him.
      "Yeah, okay," said John, his head tilted back and his eyes closed.
      He never heard the shower turn on or off. He didn't feel
      Bobby sit down beside him on the couch.
      "I left the X-Men."
      "I left them," said Bobby, holding one hand in the other. "I
      felt like a fraud. I'm not very brave and I don't want to fight. I
      didn't really feel like I did anything to deserve the uniform and it
      only made me feel like more of a fraud."
      "What the fuck are you talking about, Bobblehead?"
      "I've been hiding out from what I am in that school for too long," he
      said. "Sometimes I'm comfortable with my power and sometimes I'm
      not. I'm reminded of how much of a freak I really am and my own
      family doesn't even want me."
      "They're just scared."
      Bobby looked at John, noticing the tender way his lips were
      slightly parted.
      "Logan killed people like I'd never seen anyone kill before – not
      even in the movies, and he was protecting us and he got shot in the
      head and I thought we were done for and you just stood there and I
      thought they were gonna shoot you and I was too scared to move or
      anything," said Bobby. "Then you just . . . you just showed them.
      You fought back and I later I thought if I could just be like you a
      little bit I'd know what I was doing with myself."
      John laughed to himself. "You want to be me?"
      "You're confident and handsome and you're not afraid to get
      caught when you break the rules. When I break the rules I need
      someone else to blame. I blame you."
      "I'm not really confident," said John. "The twinkle in my
      eye is just . . ."
      "Just what? What are you?"
      "You're . . . so . . . perfect . . . you have . . .
      family . . ."
      "I don't," said Bobby. "Rogue broke up with me . . . you
      just left. I was too scared to leave until now. It's like you
      always said, `The school is just a school.'"
      "Yep . . . it's not even safe . . . I was scared. I was
      scared when I first came to the school. I was scared of my power. I
      was scared of Rogue. Then I became comfortable, maybe too
      comfortable, and I got scared all over again. Except this time I was
      more angry than scared, I was even mad with Rogue for `borrowing' my
      fire . . . I didn't break the rules, I was fighting to survive. When
      you're fighting you don't have time to be scared."
      "Did you leave because of Rogue?"
      John turned his head to Bobby, his eyes still closed.
      "No . . . I don't know . . . maybe a little . . . there were
      other things . . ." said John.
      "I knew when you left the X-jet you were going to do something
      crazy," said Bobby. "Now I think maybe it wasn't so crazy. I
      pretended I didn't miss you, but I did."
      "You know what you want to do," Bobby said. "You want to be
      a writer. I never really thought of what I wanted to do with my
      life. I don't want to think so far . . . I just want to breathe one
      day at a time, just, you know, live like normal people."
      "No Bobby, we're freaks. Freaks like us only get to live
      like normal people when no one is looking. We learn how to pretend.
      Everyone in that fucking school is pretending. They think they
      aren't, but they are . . . "
      He didn't notice Bobby move closer to him.
      "So who are you, John?"
      The dark-haired boy smiled. "I'm Pyro."
      "I guess I'm just trying to get comfortable being Iceman. I
      thought I was, but I don't think I really am and it's something I
      need to do."
      "Yeah . . ." John said.
      Bobby moved his fingers slowly up and down John's neck. He
      winced and blinked with the comforting sensation. He opened his
      eyes, his lips pouting, and said, "Why are you touching me?"
      "I want to," said Bobby, his eyes blue and quietly eager. "I
      always want to touch you. You're so fucking beautiful. When I touch
      myself I pretend your fingers are wrapped around my cock."
      John swallowed and shook his head faintly, trying to sit up,
      trying to understand the words Bobby was telling him and thinking
      maybe he was dreaming; Bobby's confident smile convinced him it was
      "I could never tell if you would be freaked out if I ever
      told you," he said. "Girls like you, you exude this casual
      sexuality, maybe you don't realize it, maybe you do, and your hair is
      so . . . perfect and sleek . . . and the way you hold your
      lighter . . . it's true."
      "I thought you wanted to fuck Rogue? I thought you liked
      "I did, I do," said Bobby. "I like girls, but I like boys.
      Girls are fun, but they require too much concentration. I think an
      erection is a beautiful thing. I like my own body, I'm comfortable
      with being naked, I like the way it feels, and I want to feel what
      it's like to touch someone else . . . Rogue likes you, John. She
      likes me, but she likes you. I'm more jealous of you than you are of
      "I'm not jealous of you," said John. "I used to be jealous
      of you, but I'm not now."
      "You have Jill," he said. "You know what direction you want
      to go in. You know what you want and you're going to get every part
      of it . . . I think maybe I pushed Rogue too much."
      "Yeah, you did," said John. "You know you couldn't get what
      you wanted from her and you still pushed her. I told you not
      to . . ."
      "Maybe I was kind of jealous that you liked her," said Bobby.
      "Do you want to kiss me?"
      John half-smiled and licked his lips. "I'm way too drunk for
      this tonight."
      "I don't think you're drunk enough. I've tried to figure out
      how I was going to seduce you, John, but I really don't know
      how . . . you're tricky."
      He turned his face from Bobby, closed his eyes, and
      said, "I'm not so tricky."
      "Where's Jill?"
      "With her sister. She'll be very jealous if I let you kiss
      me. I don't kiss boys. Not even you."
      "I only hoped you would let me," said Bobby.
      John shook his head. "No."
      "Will you let me suck your dick?"
      John laughed. "No, I can't let you suck my dick."
      "Why not?"
      "It would be too weird."
      "Keep your eyes closed and pretend I'm Jill."
      "You're not Jill," said John, looking at the other boy.
      "Can I just see it," said Bobby. "Please, let me see it."
      "Now I know you were looking in the locker room."
      Bobby smiled. "Yes, I was and now I can really look. If you
      let me."
      John lost his smile, his dark eyes gleaming and unbuckled his pants.
      The sound of his zipper being pulled down made Bobby's blue eyes
      sparkle. He held his dick in his hand for several seconds, then let
      go, keeping his eyes closed.
      "Don't touch me," said John. There was no hostility or
      disgust in his voice, just casual indifference.
      Permission was the one thing Bobby resented most in his life;
      he didn't believe in it and he was tired of asking for it. He knew
      what he wanted and he believed he could get it.
      "Maybe I got you drunk on purpose," said Bobby.
      "You think you're gonna rape me on this couch? I've been raped
      before and it's not going to be you."
      Bobby held John's penis in his hand, stroking it softly. The
      other boy slapped his hand away, but he continued, liking the way
      John felt in his hand, loving the way it hardened, wanting to put it
      in his mouth and taste it.
      "I really want to suck your cock," said Bobby; he smiled.
      "No, no, no," John said and slowly began to stand up, pushing Bobby's
      hand away.
      He started to walk towards the bedroom, covering himself with
      his hands. John opened his eyes and the walls in the apartment were
      swirling in cornered upside down blurs.
      John smiled to himself. He started to laugh. "You were
      right. You don't know how to seduce me."