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  • QuortothRules@aol.com
    Nov 8, 2004
      Add me to the list of those who really enjoyed your fic, Mara. I've never
      watched Enterprise; don't know a single character. But you really made these
      new characters come alive to
      me-- I never felt as though I were at a disadvantage. Moreover, your
      depictions of Wolverine, Kitty, Bobby and especially Scott were really nuanced. I
      especially liked your portrayal of the gruff Wolverine/Scott dynamic-- something
      I never tire of when it's done well. I know you don't write much X-Fic
      anymore (and I love your D.C. fic; if Scott Summers doesn't own my heart, it's only
      because he has to share it with Richard J. Grayson), but I hope you won't
      give up on the X-Universe completely; you have a way with it.

      And speaking of which-- to the two writers who preceded this post: Rachel
      Martins & Yahilly Rivera-- both of you have absolutely marvelous fics in
      progress. Rachel, hasn't it been an awfully long time since you updated "Player on
      the Other Side?" If I recall correctly, you left Scott in quite dire
      circumstances, no?? And your Scott/Wolverine scenes were truly magnificent! As for
      Yahilly Rivera-- didn't you begin a work sometime back that involved a quite
      harrowing camping trip? (Am I imagining things? I can't recall the title...)
      Both of of you are terrific Scott writers and I truly hope you continue to
      produce your stories-- there aren't enough Scott-centered writers out there, and we
      can't let Mara (and Min) do all the work!!



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