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6052RE: [xmmff] FIC: Fortunate Voyager 4/4 (PG-13, Enterprise crossover)

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  • Rachel Martin
    Nov 6, 2004
      I really liked this story. I was looking for some new good fic to take my
      mind off the election results and was very happy to find this. Thank you. I
      hope you'll archive it on Nadja Lee's Cyclops site.

      I didn't need to know anything about the show Enterprise to enjoy this. It
      did make me curious to watch an episode.

      I don't believe I've read a fanfic about Scott having a secondary mutation
      of being able to travel through time/space, and I'd like to read more
      stories dealing with this.

      Although I think somewhere I once read a post (by Min?) discussing this. It
      is a really interesting idea, and would make sense since both his children
      (in the comics) can time-travel.

      And according to Marvel canon Scott's optic blasts come from some other
      dimension (!) So that must mean he is permanently able to access some other
      space/time. Since he can't turn off his optic beams then he must be
      permanently standing with one foot in another space/time, so to speak. You
      would think this would cause all sorts of temporal disruptions around the

      Of mutants with secondary mutations -- well, there was Jean, both telepathic
      and telekinetic. And then Emma is both telepathic and able to assume a
      diamond-hard form (kind of like Peter's organic steel form). Other than
      that, I can't remember other canon characters with distinctive secondary
      mutations. Although every Mary Sue on ff.net has at least 3 different
      incredible powers... And I found a male Mary Sue in one series who had the
      powers of Jesus Christ. I am not kidding.

      Oh, wait, Marvel turns Canon Rogue into a Mary Sue with 3 different
      incredible undefeatable powers, right. Argh. I am not a fan of Invincible
      Rogue, or Invincible Any Character.

      I suppose you could separate out Logan's and Hank's abilities into secondary
      and tertiary mutations, but they don't seem distinctly "separate" to me, but
      all of one piece.

      Anyway, thanks for a good story and a much-wanted diversion from
      post-election gloom.
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