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6032[FIC] Love Me? (Part 0 of 3 AM) - Teaser - L/R (PG-13)

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  • Chris
    Oct 26 1:00 AM
      Title: Love Me? (Part 0 of 3 AM) - Just a Little Teaser
      Author: KhaosX aka Chris
      Pairings: Logan/Rogue
      Universe: Movie (Naturally!)
      Disclaimer: If I owned them, Rogue would be naked alot more.. In my
      bed.. Without the whole soul-sucking thing. Stan Lee, Bryan Singer
      and nameless others own them. I just do twisted things with them. And
      even though this ain't a songfic, the song 3 AM belongs to Matchbox
      Rating: PG-13 - Language.
      POV: Rogue
      Spoilers: X-Men Movies

      Love Me?
      Part 0 of 3 AM
      By Chris

      He's stuck in my head. Along with the numerous other personalities I
      have up there, the man I love more then anything is stuck in my head.


      He touched me twice.

      The first time, I had to touch him to heal myself, after he impaled
      me with his claws, when I tried waking him up from a nightmare.

      The second time, he touched me without a care in the world after
      saving my life when Erik.. No, Magneto. Tried sucking the life out of
      me with that blasted machine.

      Ah am stuck with his memories, his feelings. His fucking lust for
      Jean Grey. Perfect Jean Grey, with her perfect fucking life.

      I light a cigar, something left over from the remnants of Logan's
      memories. I smoke cigars now. I even crave the occasional beer.

      It's 3 AM now. I'm very lonely. I close my eyes, and will the
      memories to the back of my mind, but they don't leave. I wish Logan
      could love me, like I love him. But as always, Logan lusts after the
      one woman who will never love him back. *Could* never love him back.
      Jean Grey. She's with Scott. They'll be married soon, maybe.

      I haven't been able to sleep in weeks. Maybe even months. I keep
      expecting Logan to return. To tell me he loves me. But he never does.
      I still have his dogtags. A token of the promise he made almost 2
      years ago that he'd protect me. 'I'll be back for these' he said. But
      he hasn't returned. I want to go look for him, but I know that
      without the Professor's help by Cerebro, I'll never find the man who
      holds my heart.

      That's right Logan. You stole my heart. I love you, but will you ever
      love me?

      End Part One