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6030super short FF: 7-11 Will Never Be the Same (PG)

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  • Linda J
    Oct 25, 2004
      RATED: PG
      DISCLAIMER:They ain't mine, I went be making any money on this.
      Seven-Eleven Will Never Be the Same
      by Linda J.

      It wasn't very often when the brotherhood went out as a group, but
      even Erik understood a little time away from the lair was a good
      thing. So everyone piled into the van and headed into town. Along
      the way they stopped for some gas and to stretch their legs. This
      time, Pyro got the honors of staying outside and filling the tank,
      while everyone went inside the store.
      It was several minutes when the other members of the brotherhood
      returned to the van. Pyro noticed how strangely quiet they were but
      was afraid to ask why. Then out of the blue Toad spoke up.
      "Sabretooth," he spoke calmly. "The `wet floor' sign you saw in the
      middle of the walkway was to let you know they had just moped. It
      was NOT an instruction for you to follow, dumb ass!"