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6025X-Men Fan Fiction Keepers Archive changing and looking for help.

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  • xmenkeepers
    Oct 15, 2004
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      First up, I hope that no one minds my posting this here. If I have
      stepped on any list rules please let me know.

      Hi everyone.

      Well, first up, the archive is not dead. I am in the process of
      doing a MAJOR change to the site layout to hopefully make it easier
      for people to find the fics they are looking for.

      A co-worker (not same one who gave us hosting space) has been helping
      to design a datebase for the site. It will allow for users to find
      stories by rating, genre, author, series and 'ships (if we can get
      that section working *G*) I also hope to add a search feature so
      that if you know a part of the story you will be able to find stories
      that match your search criteria.

      I will admit that inspiration for this change has come from the
      wonderful layout that Devil Doll and Diebin of wr.com have managed
      for the archive there. I find it so easy to navigate and I wanted to
      enable those that come to Keepers to have just as easy a time to find
      things on our archive.

      Now here comes the part where I beg. I need HELP! I have to move
      all the current stories over. And there is just too many for me to
      get moved over quickly on my own. So, if there is anyone out there
      who would be willing to help, please send me an email at