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6020FIC: Seasons of Growth Chapter 93

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  • november tuesday
    Oct 10, 2004
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      Seasons of Growth Chapter 93
      Author: November Tuesday
      email: novemberotica@...
      Summary: Our ensemble kicks ass; Nick gambles with his
      Spoilers: None that I can think of.
      Rating: NC-17 for graphic violence.
      Disclaimer: Marvel, Fox, Brian Singer yadda yadda
      Archive: Sure, and if it's someplace other than list
      archives, please let me know.
      Feedback: makes me a happy November.
      Author's Notes: This is dedicated for everyone who
      has had the patience of Job and then some. You know
      who you are!

      It's up at novemberotica.com.

      ~~~~~~~~Miss November Tuesday~~~~~~~
      fanfic ~ original erotica ~ true stories