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  • Mo
    Oct 7, 2004
      I've been on fanfic hiatus for a few months, and
      judging by the low posting volume of fiction, I'm not
      the only one. Anyway, I'm back and about 3/4 of the
      way through a story series, but I find I'm betaless.
      I could use a couple of good betas, if you're out

      I'm pretty good with the copyediting and proofreading
      stuff, although it's always good to get a fresh eye on
      that. What I'm mostly looking for is someone who can
      answer questions like:

      * Is it clear what's happening?

      * Did you laugh at the jokes?

      * Does the dialogue sound genuine?

      * Does the sex sound realistic?

      * At what points were you happy? Sad? Anxious?

      * What bored you? What do you think is superfluous?

      It's an X1 movieverse story series. It will be 8-10
      stories and 25,000-30,000 words when finished. It's
      slash, although there are het characters, too. It's
      got OCs in it, but major X-Men/Alpha Flight characters
      are Cyclops, Wolverine, and Northstar (no, no three
      way with them).

      For those who've read my fic, it follows Trials and
      deals with the War on Mutants that started in that
      series. It answers some questions raised in that
      series and raises some more, of course. There are
      echoes of current events in it, as well as some public
      health issues (bioterrorism, HIV exposure, Crystal
      Meth use among MSM). It's character-driven, but with
      a fairly complex plot. There's hot sex, too :-).

      So, if anyone is willing to put in the time to read
      what I've got so far and answer some questions, write
      to me offlist. What do you get for it? My undying
      gratitude, and thanks in the series intro. If you're
      very good, I'll write a sex scene to your particular
      tastes and send it to you - sort of like those
      customized Hallmark cards :-).

      Thanks in advance.


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