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5957FIC: All Too Late Repost (1-3/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    Jun 21, 2004
      All Too Late

      Author: Sparkling-Diva

      Summary: Marie finds out some things that she didn't want to know.

      Disclaimer: Alas, it's a pity that these wonderful characters are
      not mine.

      Rating: PG-13 (Just to be safe).

      Feedback: Please!!!! My e-mail is rogue200348@y.... Thank you
      very much!!

      Chapter 1

      There was absolutely no way that her broken heart could have been
      fixed. She knew something was wrong from the beginning and when she
      found out, she knew that it was all too late.

      She had woken up one morning to hear the sound of yelling coming
      from the bottom of the staircase downstairs on the main floor. It
      was summer vacation and most of the students were long gone and only
      the X-Men and the professor were still in the mansion.

      She got up, still trying to adjust from the bright light that was
      shining through her window.

      She headed towards the door, opened it, and peered out. There didn't
      seem to be anyone there.

      Then she took a few steps and once again heard the sounds and was
      able to figure out, by concentrating, which mutant it belonged to.

      Scott, Logan, and Jean.

      Without being noticed, she quietly sat near the wooden bars of the
      staircase up on the 2nd floor and listened and witnessed the scene
      before her. By now she was becoming wide awake.

      "I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL!!!!!!!!" screamed a very upset
      Scott Summers at a very shocked looking Logan.

      "Scott, stop it!" replied Jean as she stood in front of Logan
      protecting him, "Please, can we all just be calm?"

      EACH OTHER!!!!!"

      "Hey, bub," Logan said surprisingly calmly, "I swear that I didn't
      mean for anything of this to happen."

      "Oh you didn't did you? I've had my eyes on you since the very
      beginning and all you have ever done was fight and flirt with Jean."


      "No!" Scott yelled as he cut her off. By now he was crying and had
      the worst look of agony across his face. "And you," he continued
      pointing at Jean, "I loved you and I can't believe that I trusted
      you. For God's sake I was going to marry you and you were going to
      be my wife and we were going to raise a family together!! But you
      want to know what? You mean nothing to me now. And listen when I say
      this. You are going to pay back for all of this and so are you Mr.
      All-High-And-Mighty-Big Shot!!!!"

      "Cyke," Logan began.

      "No. I don't want to hear it I'm leaving."

      "Scott don't," said Jean trying to refrain him from the front door
      by grabbing his arm but he just pulled away.

      "No," Scott said as he held on to the doorknob and looked back at
      Logan, "You were wrong, you know? Congratulations!! She chose you.
      Not me. And you really can bet that-"

      He was cut off guard as something caught his eyes. He looked up
      towards the staircase and saw the young teen staring back at him in
      shock and confusion. She had tears rolling down her cheeks but yet
      she failed to either flinch or make a sound.

      Scott understood why and he was even more hurt than before since he
      just realized that the incident that had just happen didn't only
      affect him but other people they cared about as well too.

      Jean and Logan looked from Scott and followed his gaze until they
      saw her too.

      "Marie…" Logan shuddered in shock under his breath. He was almost on
      the brink of tears. A look that one wouldn't expect from the

      Scott gave Rogue a look of sympathy and then stared back down at
      Logan. He saw how Logan and the young girl's gaze was locked in
      position and there was much inner conflict involved. He wanted no
      more part of this and wished her the best since he knew that she was
      one of the people that could not escape from this horrible dilemma.

      Scott turned the doorknob open and told Logan in a harsh
      voice, "Have a nice life," before taking a quick glance at Jean and
      then Rogue.

      He then shut the door with a loud bang.

      There was a long pause where everyone was trying to gather their

      "Oh my gosh!! Scott!!!!" Jean said after one quick glance back at
      Rogue and then to the door as she tried to run after him but failed.
      By the time she got to the garage, the car had left and was leaving
      the driveway and turning the corner away from the mansion.

      Logan was now down there all by himself.

      "Marie," he said as he started to advance up towards the stairs.

      With a gulp, Marie carefully let go of the staircase handle, got up,
      and backed away slowly never taking her eyes off of him. She could
      sense his every motion and every intention.

      "Marie, listen to me," he said now reaching the first steps.

      She turned and ran back to her room. All the way, she heard him
      running up the stairs at full speed behind her and calling her name.

      Just as she reached her room, got in, and locked the door, Logan had
      caught up. He began pounding the door and yelling for her pleasing
      if she could just listen to him.

      "Marie, darling," he said. He sounded as if he was crying and in
      pain. "Please let me talk to you. I need to. I need you. Don't do
      this to me. What you saw…I can explain. Please open up, baby.
      Please. Marie."

      Marie practically out of breath from running so much, put her back
      against the door and fell to the floor. There she cried to herself
      with her head in her hands into the night. All that could be heard
      where the pleas from the man she loved most trying to explain
      himself while she knew that his words were all no good and that it
      was all her fault because now he would never know how she really
      felt. It was all too late.

      Chapter 2

      "Marie,' Logan pleaded at the door. He really didn't mean to do any
      harm. Even though he hated to admit it, he had strong feelings for
      the young girl and the last thing that he would ever consider doing
      was hurting her. He just couldn't do anything about it since she was
      so young.

      He was aware of her crush on him and knew that it was something that
      couldn't easily go away.

      He started to remember the events that had occurred.

      He was just walking through the hallways when a hand reached for him
      and pulled him into the room.

      It was dark and he sniffed to get a scent.

      It was Jean and Scott's room.

      His deep intensions told him that this was all very wrong but his
      ability to do anything about it and his mind began to grow weak for
      some unknown reason.

      Then he saw her.


      He just wanted to leave but before he got the chance to, she put a
      finger to his lips and said, "Don't worry, Scott won't came be
      coming back for a while."

      And with that she reached aggressively at him and gave him a
      forceful and passionate kiss.

      He tried to pull away thinking to himself that this was just some
      big misunderstanding. But every time he tried, she just drew him in

      How could he have let these things happen? All that he had felt for
      her was a crush and that was all. He also thought it gave him a
      certain amount of pride since he could now give the young One-Eye
      another reason to hate him.

      Could Jean possibly believe that what he had felt for her was real
      or did she really want to get away from Scotter?

      She pushed him onto the bed.

      All that he could do was push her away so he could get his chance to
      run out of the room. After all, this wild Wolverine was a fast one.

      He managed to do that but as he turned, she pushed him back onto her
      and soon the noise of a door handle opening and a click of a light
      switch was heard.


      "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" yelled Scott.

      "Scott. Oh-I-um-didn't know you were coming back so soon," replied
      Jean Grey.

      "I don't believe this!" Scott said as he ran down the hallway.

      "Scott!" Jean yelled after him.

      Soon they were both following him.

      Alas, that is where our story first began.

      Standing outside of Marie's room now, he knew that he had just
      broken the young girl's heart with a simple misunderstanding. He
      knew that he wouldn't easily be forgiven and he knew that there were
      high chances that he was about to lose the one thing that he cared
      about most.


      Outside, no one saw as Jean stared at Scott pull out from the

      When he was out of sight, her eyes glowed in the bright sunlight and
      she looked up to a tree as if she was adoring the sky. But it felt
      more like there was someone or something up there.

      "Time to get down to business," she said out loud smiling before she
      headed back into the mansion.

      Chapter 3

      "Marie? I know that you can hear me. Open up, darling! Open up!"
      Logan said as he tried to open the handle but couldn't since it was
      securely locked.

      Dang! Boy, did she want some privacy!

      Marie just laid on her bed clutching the dog chain around her neck.
      Why doesn't he just give up?, she asked herself.

      Logan kneeled on the floor, giving up, and said, "Marie, if you ever
      need me, then just talk to me please. Can you do that darling?"

      Suddenly after a minute or two it all stopped.

      There was no answer.

      Marie lifted her head and felt that something was wrong.

      He got up sadly and began to walk down the hallway.

      As he was walking he felt a sudden impulse on him. With his canine
      like senses, he sniffed the air, and felt something familiar. All
      too familiar.

      That's when he remembered what it was and saw Jean turn the hallway
      making her way towards him with perfect poise.

      "You!! How could you?"

      Right before him he saw the doctor turn into the real blue-scaled
      woman she was.

      "Logan, you never seize to amaze me."

      "Do you know what you have just done?"

      "Oh, yes. Quite frankly I do.'

      "Why did you do that?" he said once again with a gruffly voice.

      "Maybe just to do this," she said quickly and sharply kicking him in
      the face and pushing him towards the wall.

      She yelled, "Now!" and released him just in time for Sabertooth to
      come through before the Wolverine came out with his claws and was
      ready to take a slash at her.

      As they fought, Mystique ran down the hall to find Toad banging the
      door open.

      Inside, Marie was crawled up in a corner in the bathroom and was
      quite aware what was now actually truly going on.

      Her mind was thinking too much all at once.

      Logan was innocent…But he was with Jean… No, he was with-
      Mystique?...How did she get in here?... Were there more members of
      the Brotherhood with her?...Why here?...Why Logan?...Did he really
      care about her and was he really sorry?... What was actually going

      All her thoughts had been stopped when she heard the banging on her
      door earlier. Scared as she was, she ran into the bathroom and
      locked her door.

      Deep down inside she was hoping that her knight in shining armor
      would come and save her but he did not come. She didn't care about
      what happened earlier, she just wanted Logan with her now and the
      noises outside her door were getting louder and louder. She felt her
      heart pulling in her. Ever since the first touch she was able to
      have the ability to feel all the Wolverine's pain.

      She cried for him at that spot and couldn't budge. In her head, she
      could only feel worse and worse.


      She screamed in her mind as she heard Toad and Mystique barge into
      her room and into the bathroom.

      She stared at Mystique in her eyes. She was full of evil but there
      was something else about her.

      "Long time no see," the blue lady told her as Toad came from behind
      and put a bag over her like he had done before..

      She screamed Logan's name aloud and immediately Logan reacted by
      screaming, "MARIE!!!"

      With that he was thrown down to the floor and off the balcony onto
      the first floor where he had laid unconscious.

      Marie still was screaming while she was being carried by Toad who
      opened fully and jumped out her window with Mystique behind swinging
      and climbing down the tree like an acrobat.

      Marie wish that she had enough guts to defend herself but she felt
      so confused and weak that she couldn't do much.

      Sabertooth just jumped back down and landed with a THUD and left.
      Logan sat up and shook his head and then he remembered Marie

      He got up and ran up the stairs.

      "MARIE!!!" He yelled as he ran up the stairs and into her room. He
      looked around and said, "Oh god," when he realized that she was gone.

      "No…no!!!" He told himself as he looked out the window that was
      open. He ran to it and realized that there was absolutely no one in