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5947Seasons of Growth Chapter 92

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  • november tuesday
    Jun 14, 2004
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      Try not to choke on your drinks or anything. Yes, I
      am posting two, count 'em two, chapters of SoG in a
      48-hour period. Do not adjust your set.

      This mission has been a major stumbling block for me.
      It's a tricky, detail-intensive thing to write, and it
      came at a time when I was fairly burned out with
      writing so much.

      Thank you, everyone who gave FB for chapter 91. I
      love all you guys. It's good to be back!

      Hope you likey. I will get 93 out ASAP.

      As always, it's at novemberotica.com.


      ~~~~~~~~Miss November Tuesday~~~~~~~
      fanfic ~ original erotica ~ true stories