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5927FIC: The Dare (1/1)

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  • Amy
    May 21, 2004
      Title: The Dare
      Author: Amy (dragonsinger77@...)
      Characters: Pyro, Rogue
      Spoilers: None, pre-X2
      Archive: XMMFF, A Small Drop of Ink
      Disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Stan Lee,
      Marvel Comics, and 20th Century Fox
      Author�s Note: Written for Donna C. Punk based on a
      Live Journal icon of mine.

      Leaning on the table in the mall�s food court, John
      Allerdyce absently clicked his lighter lid open and
      closed. Open and closed. The third time he snapped
      it shut, Rogue reached across the table and snatched
      it from him.

      �Could you please not do that?� she asked.

      �Oh, come on. You love it,� he replied as he reached
      across the table for it.

      Rogue kept it just out of his reach, a smile on her
      face. �I dare you to sit there for five minutes
      without touching this thing.�

      John raised an eyebrow at the challenge. �What? You
      don�t think I can do it?�


      He leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on
      the table. �What do I get if I do it?�

      �I�ll buy you the CD of your choice.�

      �Oh, this�ll be easy,� he laughed.

      Rogue�s dark eyes met his, and he could see the
      mischief in them clear across the table. �Ah, but
      here�s the kicker. I�ll set it down here in the
      middle of the table, right where you can see it.� She
      did, and John�s feet fell off the table.

      �That�s not fair!�

      �You want that CD or not?�

      Grumbling, John agreed. Rogue smiled as she looked at
      her watch. When the second hand reached the twelve,
      she started timing him.

      John settled back into the chair and stared out the
      window. Five minutes. He could do this. He just
      wouldn�t look at the lighter gleaming at him from the
      middle of the table. When he couldn�t find anything
      interesting outside, his hazel eyes wandered around
      the food court. He could feel the fire as grills lit
      in different restaurants. The sun seemed to grow
      hotter on the back of his brown leather jacket. A
      candle store across the way lit several of the candles
      sitting in the display window. A few people lit
      cigarettes as they stepped outside to smoke. All the
      fire around him drove him nuts.

      �Has it been five minutes yet?� he asked.

      Rogue narrowed her eyes. �It�s only been two. God,
      John, you�re weaker than I thought.�

      John waved off the comment as his eyes landed on the
      lighter. His lighter. With its silver surface and
      the shark teeth painted around the lid, it had been
      made for him. It contained his element, his power.
      He felt secure when he held it. However, he couldn�t
      let Rogue win. He couldn�t let her think he was that
      weak. Just three more minutes.

      He looked away and chose to amuse himself with the
      candles in the store display window. Choosing a red
      one, he caused the flame to flare just for a second.

      �That�s cheating,� Rogue announced.

      John turned his attention to her. �No, it�s not. You
      said I couldn�t touch my lighter, not that I couldn�t
      play with other flames.� He flashed her a dazzling
      smile, and she just rolled her eyes.

      Finally, when he thought he couldn�t take it anymore,
      Rogue called, �Time!�

      Grinning like an idiot, he grabbed his lighter and
      gleefully clicked it open and closed. He turned his
      eyes to Rogue. �Now, you were saying about a CD?�

      �You suck, Allerdyce.�

      �And you love it.�


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