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5911Fwd: [xmmff] poem: from group about Remy Lebeau

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  • Lorna
    May 6, 2004
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      > Subject: [xmmff] poem: from group about Remy Lebeau
      > Ring of Rubies on Black Satin by Lorna Stout
      > A ring of rubies on black satin sheets.
      > A ring of fire leaping towards the sky.
      > Looking Remy's eyes is like diving into the deeps
      > of ocean. And finding the other half of my self or
      > the
      > unknown part of my self that I do not know did not
      > have.
      > And finding a little piece of him like little child
      > hiding in the dark from bad things
      > that go bump in the night.
      > Remy Lebeau is like a night flower only blooms by
      > the light of moon.
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