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5871[xmmff] black and blue pt 1 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    Apr 19, 2004
      Title - Black&Blue
      Author - Lilly Christensen
      Rating - i mostly rate my stuff R, i dont know why i just do. there may be some sex, and foul wording... so i guess that counts for something.
      Character(s) - ( main is bobby) i tend to use all or most of the ppl in xmen, so if you run across some one you dont know, just send me an email, and i will tell you about them the best i can.
      Warnings - i have no warnings for you, exsepted, that i am a young writer so i have a hard time spelling.
      Disclaimers - i do not own anything in here, i just wrote it and sent it around. i do not have the rite to make money of it, and i really dont want to.
      Feedback - yes please. i give and love to get.
      Archive - ask and see (i dont really know what it is thought)

      Prayers and dreams


      Things started off really well for me. I was young, quick, smart. I had it all wrapped, untill... untill it kicked in. I was 15 and my powers kicked in. It was a real wake up call. I mean I knew I was differnt, i could wear long sleeves and jeans in the middle of July. It was weird, I just never got hot. But once I was 15, i was the freak. It seemed like everyone knew about it. Like I was the last to know. My grades slipped fast, and I didnt care about my friends. My parents freaked. I had always been a good kid. You know the one who never talked back, who's grades were near perfect, who had all the friends, but was never out past curfue. I was lame, but no one knew..... more like no one cared. But once they kicked in, I was out late, I didnt work hard in school, I had no friends, and worst of all, I didnt care.
      You see my mom, is weird. I could have told her the earth was falling deep into a black hole, and she wouldnt care, untill i drank my milk. I know she loved me, I just wish... well now evertime i have a problem, I drink milk.
      then there is my dad. i know he loves me, but i just... i'm never good enough for him. i mean i could make straight A's and he would say some thing like
      "never met a Drake that hasnt"
      But i know he loves me.
      Then there is my brother, and he just hates mutants all around. like he has these posters in his room that say stuff like "know your sighs, likes soccer might be a mutant understands kids might be a mutant or shaves with toes might be a mutant." i mean he is just so scared of us. but it is ok i guess. they love me.....

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