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5859[xmmff] Sweet dreams in new york pt 8 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    Apr 10, 2004
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      Sweet dreams in new yourk part 8
      last one, and thanks to Nicca from all the help, you really made this story..... mine

      the final sight for love
      i let my ips slide on his, in a long passionit kiss. i could feel his hands on my back, and i was falling deeper in. i was lost in a black of hole of neverendeing bliss. i was in love, and it was real this time. i didnt want to let go, ever, i wanted to hold tightly to him and call him my own. i wanted to stand on the roof, and scream at the top of my lungs that i was in love. I placed my hand on his chest, and i kissed him passionitly. i felt his exsitement building, and the blood built up in his cock. i moved my hips into his and i let them roll slowly. i felt his hunger building slowly as his hands gripped my hips tightly around my waist. his hips met mine in passion. we moved letting our bodys melt together in hunger and love. we moved together of hours.
      the night past and i awoke the next morning, to him, sound asleep in the bed next to me. i could smell him all around me. i breathed in his soft sweet smell, of warmth and love. i closed my eyes and i could see his soft blue eyes shining at me. then it hit me. i was inspirded. i sat up slowly, so not to wake him, and i wrote. i wrote quickly and quietly. the words flew from my head to the paper. i wrote the words of how i felt, of how his love burned in me. how i could hear him calling my name, i could see his eyes. once i finished i quickly put it away in my folder and i put that away in the box i kept locked under the bed. i then curled back up into him. he woke and smiled down at me. and at the second in time, we both knew. this was, our forever.

      please let me know if you liked it. it was my first one ever, and i dont think anyone even read it, but if you did, please please please let me know what you thought. i will write something else soon i hope. so if you have any ideas you think i could write about.... let me know. i will give you props for your help. thanks again.

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