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5809ADMIN: XMMFF and wolverineandrogue.com moving

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  • Devil Doll
    Mar 23 1:04 PM
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      Just a warning to let everyone know that within the next few days both
      the XMMFF archive and wolverineandrogue.com will be moving to a new
      (and hopefully better) webhost. If you happen to notice any weirdness
      at either site, that'll be why. The WRFA and XMMFF archives are linked,
      and when one of them is unavailable the other one can look a little
      weird while they are unable to talk to each other. It'll all be back
      to normal shortly.

      Once the sites are moved, you don't need to do anything differently to
      find them. The URLs will remain unchanged, and you can access the
      sites as you normally would.

      On a related note, my webmail has not been very cooperative over at the
      old host, and even when I can read messages I can seldom reply to them.
      If you sent me something at either the xmmff.com or
      wolverineandrogue.com email addresses and didn't get a response, I'm
      not ignoring you. They tell me the emails will move with me, so
      hopefully I will be able to access and respond to them once we're
      settled in our new home.

      Here's to more uptime and better webmail. *g*

      Devil Doll

      Devil Doll