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5789Hugh Jackman hosting the Tony's for the Second Time

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  • Nicx
    Mar 4, 2004
      Okay I got this off of Lizzy from the Hugh Jackman fan
      club, So I thank her.


      here it is:

      Fresh off E! Online First News In Brief...

      [[[THE BOY FROM OZ: Hugh Jackman to host the 54th
      Annual Tony Awards,
      his second time. CBS will air the ceremony June 6 from
      Radio City
      Music Hall. ]]]

      I know I'm going to try and go!!! Sitting in front of
      my TV just
      won't do this year!!! :)

      ChatAuntie (making up for missing that other E! scoop
      this morning -
      am I forgiven, Mum, considering the size of THIS