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5785FIC: Dreaming the Same Dream 2/3

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  • november tuesday
    Mar 2, 2004
      TITLE: Dreaming the Same Dream 2/3

      AUTHOR: November Tuesday

      EMAIL: novemberotica@...

      SUMMARY: Three years later, they are still dreaming
      the same dream. What happens when Logan returns?

      RATING: NC-17 or R. This is explicit sexual material.
      If you are a virgin before reading it, you probably
      won't be afterward. We're talkin' cherry popping
      stuff here!

      PAIRING: R/L/J

      SERIES/CONTINUITY: Set three years after part one.

      'VERSE: X1

      WARNINGS: Menage a trois, but not really.

      FEEDBACK: I love it!

      AUTHOR'S NOTES: This thing decided that it didn't want
      to be a one-off thing. Thanks to those who encouraged
      me to continue it.

      I am posting this to shipper groups because it has a
      shipper sort of quality, more so than the first one.
      And the third one will be moving in that direction.

      It's at novemberotica.com/dreaming2.html

      ~~~~~~~~Miss November Tuesday~~~~~~~
      fanfic ~ original erotica ~ true stories