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5720"The Player on the Other Side" (WIP, CH.12) Scott [PG-13] X1 and X2

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  • rachel_martin64
    Feb 5, 2004
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      Author Note: I've been working on several chapters at once and
      finished this one first. You may prefer to put this link aside until
      the earlier chapters are posted.

      Title: The Player on the Other Side

      Characters Ch. 12: Scott/Logan, Rogue, Erik. Jean and Jubilee get
      talked about.

      Summary Ch. 12: Scott acts out and pays up. He discovers who his real
      friends are. He discovers who his real enemies are. Logan gets a

      Summary WIP: A popular officer is framed for the destruction of
      Alkali Base. His friends band together to ruin the mutant they
      consider responsible.

      Rating Ch. 12: PG-13


      Feedback: Feedback is welcome. Critical comments will not be
      misinterpreted as a flame.

      Author: Rachel Martin

      E-Mail: Rachel_martin64@...

      Archive: Archive anywhere.