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  • QuortothRules@aol.com
    Dec 9, 2003

      "The Player on the Other Side" just keeps getting better and better. At times, it's almost painful to read: your portrait of Scott is sharp and specific, and (to borrow a phrase from our former president), I can feel his pain. You show us Scott from multiple points of view, but in each chapter it's painfully clear-- the guy is trying to contain a volcano's worth of anger, emotion, and feeling-- but he's losing it, and eventually, he's going to blow. To me, this is what links all the various chapters together: I'll admit I am not sure how the various stories and plotlines will come together (I look forward to finding out!!), but the chapters flow nonetheless, because they paint a cohesive and nuanced portrait of Scott. Who will be there for him, finally, when he falls? HIs hero (Charles?) His father figure (Erik?) His lover (Jean?) His friend? (Rogue)? Or his "enemy" (Logan?) That's the question that keeps me reading.

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