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5475OT: Idea for a OMC and a fic.

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  • The Dark Knight
    Dec 2, 2003
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      I just got an idea for an OMC but like I said before I can't write X-Men fics. His name Zach codename Steel. He's new to the school and no one really knows anything about him. He seems to hate Rouge for some reasion and Rouge thinks he's very farmilar but can't place him. Nightcralwer becomes intreged by him and decides to follow him around and learn more about him. Nightcrawler learns that Zach goes to a hospital in the city at least 3 times a week. Kurt goes into the hostpital and finds out that he's been seeing a "Jane Doe" with blonde hair in a coma and finds out that she is Zach's mother Ms. Marvel.

      Must haves: Kurt/Zach.
      Rouge touching Zach to try to steal his memories.
      Zach beating the hell out of Rouge.
      The rest is upto the writers.


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