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5474FIC: Seasons of Growth Chapter 12

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  • novemberotica
    Dec 2, 2003
      Title: Seasons of Growth
      Chapter 12: Momma

      Author: November Tuesday

      Email: novemberotica@...

      Rating: G

      Summary: The day of Maggie's custody hearing has arrived.

      Continuity: Series begins 3 years after X1.

      Disclaimer: Marvel, Fox, Brian Singer yadda yadda yaddaÂ…

      Archive: Sure, and if it's someplace other than list archives, please
      let me know.

      Feedback: would really pull me outta the funk I'm in.

      Author's Notes:

      Rogue's fall semester grades arrived and she had made a 4.0. She
      decided to declare a major in social work.

      She rang in the new year with Kitty, Bobby, John, Jubilee, Leah,
      Rakim, and Carter. They had a merry time in Art's apartment. Rogue
      drank too much, made out with Carter and John, and slept in late.
      They rang in the new year with pitchers full of margaritas, and sang
      a drunken rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" with utterly made-up words.

      That spring went smoothly and quickly. She delved into her classes
      even more seriously than before. She had learned about a Montessori
      school adjacent to the WC campus, and she went in one day to speak to
      the director.

      Rogue asked frankly if they had mutant children in their school, and
      how they would feel about enrolling one. The director, a woman named
      Liz Scherr, said that to her knowledge none of the children were
      mutants, but she could care less about that. She brought Maggie for a
      preview day and talked with Liz while Maggie started playing with a

      "So Magster, how did you like the school?" Rogue asked.

      "I like it."

      "Would you like to go there while I go to my school?"

      "Yeah!" So, shortly before her fourth birthday, Maggie started her
      school career. She still had separation issues, but was doing much
      better. Rogue had her cell phone turned on all the time and she
      instructed Liz to let Maggie call her whenever she wished, explaining
      the extraordinary circumstances in which Maggie had been abandoned.
      The first few days there were a few calls. By the end of the week
      they tapered off altogether.

      With Maggie in school, Rogue was free to spend more time working. She
      took a job as a social work assistant in a rehab clinic. On some
      nights, she had evening classes. She brought Maggie with her and
      Maggie quietly read or colored without incident. Rogue considered
      herself very lucky.

      In May Rogue threw Maggie a birthday party. She decorated the
      mansion's porch with pink and white streamers and invited her
      friends, plus five of Maggie's little friends from school. Gillian
      and her mother Camille came to visit Xavier that weekend. Rogue
      grilled burgers and hot dogs and after the little kids left, the
      adults drank beer and played volleyball.

      That day Rakim met Hank and fell in love. Not with Hank, but with his
      research. Hank took him down to the lab and Rakim's life changed. He
      changed his major from computer science to biology and went in
      earnest about becoming a geneticist.

      In June, Kitty, Rogue, Jubilee and Jean took Maggie camping. They
      bought a huge tent and made smores and went swimming in a lake.
      Maggie loved sleeping in the woods with her new sleeping bag. She was

      Marie got to know Jean a little better. Though she had quickly
      stopped seeing Scott as a teacher after graduation, she hadn't got to
      know Jean much as a peer. Now they sat around the fire and talked
      about who the hottest men at the school were, laughing, discussing
      the merits of various movie stars. Jean insisted that Ethan Hawke was
      the sexiest man alive.

      Rogue teased her about liking the young pretty boys. Jean threw a
      marshmallow at her. Rogue said that she thought Gavin Rossdale was
      the hottest. Jubilee preferred Justin Timberlake. Kitty said that
      they were all crazy and Kate Beckinsdale was clearly the hottest.

      Then came July, and the custody hearing on the eleventh seemed to
      take forever to arrive. Rogue put on a plain black suit and Jubilee
      helped her do her makeup and put her hair in a chignon in an effort
      to make her look older. Rogue was certain that before the proceedings
      were over that she would puke.

      She dressed Maggie in a pink dress and only told her that they were
      going to talk to some people. She told her that there would be a
      judge and that she should answer his questions, that she would need
      to sit quietly and that afterward they would get ice cream.

      Jean and the professor accompanied her. Tucked into her car seat,
      Maggie chattered to no one in particular the whole way to the
      courthouse, oblivious to the gravity of the hearing. Outside the
      courtroom they met Dean Tierney.

      It turned out that there was no cause for alarm. The presiding judge
      was an old friend of the professor, one of the only people on the
      city council that was supportive of mutant issues. Before the trial
      he came up and chatted with them. Rogue smiled and tried not to
      fidget when the professor calmly introduced him as Judge Stanley.
      ~Rogue, calm down, this man is a friend of mine and he will be
      sympathetic to you.~

      Rogue calmed a bit, but she was still fiddling incessantly with her
      watch as the court was called to session. It went quickly. Most of
      the time was spent by the judge scrutinizing paperwork that Dean
      handed him. "Have the girl's parents been notified of the

      "Yes your honor, I have a certified mail receipt signed by the
      father." The judge squinted and compared the signature on the receipt
      to the birth certificate.

      "Ms. D'Ancato, what is your profession?"

      "I'm a teacher and a student."

      "And who is your employer?"

      "I teach a class at Professor Xavier's school and I`m a social work
      assistant at the Deer Glen Rehab Center."

      "Do you have any other source of income?"

      "I receive a stipend for performing tasks around the school and have
      been awarded a scholarship for college. Also, I essentially have free
      child care and board."

      "Lucky you!" Rogue couldn't help but smile. "The child was found in

      "Yes sir, behind a dumpster. She was abandoned and beaten."

      "Miss Maggie?" The judge boomed.

      "Yes sir," Maggie said as she was coached.

      "How long have you been living at the school?"

      "A long time!"

      "Umm, thirteen months, your honor," Rogue interjected.

      "Are they nice to you there?"

      "Yeah Professor gave me a room and Miss Rogue has been my momma."

      Rogue's heart stopped. Maggie had never used that word before. She
      felt a strange sweet tightness in her chest.

      "And would you like to continue staying at the school with Miss Rogue
      as your momma?"


      "Okay," the judge banged the gavel nonchalantly. "Custody is awarded
      to Ms. D'Ancato."

      Marie squeaked with joy. She hugged Jean, and the professor, and even
      Dean. It had been so easy!

      As Jean brought the van around, they sat in front of the courthouse.
      Rogue had tears in her eyes and couldn't stop smiling. "Maggie, do
      you understand what just happened in there?"

      "No." She was hopping up and down the granite steps in her pink dress
      and Mary Janes.

      "Well we went there to ask the judge if I could be your momma,
      forever and ever. And the judge said yes. So that means that you can
      live with me forever and no one can take you away from me."

      "What about my other momma? Won't she be mad?" Rogue panicked and met
      Xavier's eyes.

      ~Just tell her the truth.~

      "I think she wanted it this way."

      "She was mean."

      "I know baby. But you know what? You're a good girl, and you deserve
      a nice momma, not a mean one. And I love you a whole lot and I'm
      gonna be a nice momma for you."

      They celebrated that night at Chuck E Cheese, Jubilee, Kitty, and
      Bobby, Leah, Scott, and Jean, and of course the professor. They all
      wore goofy party hats and when the professor raised his glass to
      toast "Miss Maggie D'Ancato" they all cheered.

      From that day on, Maggie called her Momma.

      Chapter 13 is up at novemberotica.com