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5470Alles ändert sich (0/26) Bobby, X2

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  • ~Robin Elizabeth~
    Dec 1, 2003
      Title: Alles ändert sich
      Author: Prinzessin Robin Elizabeth
      Email: princeza_9@...
      Feedback: Yes, please!
      Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine, the characters belong to Marvel and
      whoever else that aren’t me.
      Summary: Bobby and John face off for the first time with unexpected results.
      Just after X2.
      A/N: Alles ändert sich is German (loosely) translated as everything changes.

      Prelude- What was can be once again

      John sat at the small table, alone. There was a yet untouched cup coffee in
      front of him, but he ignored it. He was focused on his lighter, his
      thoughts drifting.

      “Excuse me,” said a female voice, snapping John back to reality.

      John only looked up to the pretty brunette.

      “Do you have a cigarette I can bum?” she asked.

      “Sorry, I don’t smoke,” John answered, going back to his lighter.

      “For a non-smoker, you seem to have a strong attachment to that lighter,”
      she observed.

      “You have no idea,” John muttered in response.

      From the corner of his eye, John could see the woman walking away. His gaze
      returned to the lighter, and he stared into the flame.

      “You need to concentrate, John,” Ororo Munroe said, taking the lighter away
      from him.

      John couldn’t argue, he could only glare. He watched his lighter intently,
      wanting to know where it would end up. She put it on her desk, and then
      looked up at John.

      He felt someone tap his hand, and he knew it was Bobby. He glanced over at
      his best friend, who wore a grin. Bobby’s eyes looked down and John’s
      followed to see what his friend was looking at. There was a small piece of
      paper with Bobby’s clear handwriting.

      ‘Told ya so! Iceman 1, Pyro 0’ was all it said.

      “We’ll see about that,” John whispered.

      Before he let his memories carry him further, he snapped the lighter shut.
      The lighter was in his fist, which was squeezed tight. He was angry with
      himself, for allowing the memories, the feelings to resurface.

      ‘You don’t need him anymore’ he thought, although the voice sounded more
      like Magneto’s than his own.

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