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5433"The Player on the Other Side" (WIP, CH.1) Scott [PG-13] X1 and X2

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  • rachel_martin64
    Nov 13, 2003
      Title: The Player on the Other Side

      Characters Ch. 1: Charles, Scott. S/J mentioned. L/J suggested.

      Summary Ch. 1: Charles has influenced Scott's life for better or for
      worse. Charles suspects it's for worse.

      Summary WIP: A popular officer is framed for the destruction of
      Alkali Base. His friends band together to ruin the mutant they
      consider responsible.

      Rating Ch. 1: PG-13

      Author: Rachel Martin

      E-Mail: Rachel_martin64@...

      Archive: Archive anywhere.

      Disclaimers: The X-Men belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. No
      copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.

      Feedback: Feedback is welcome. Critical comments will not be
      misinterpreted as a flame.



      "Could be. My father was stationed at Peterson when I was six."

      Charles tipped his head back to stare up at the sternly beautiful
      slabs of rocks. "I thought you said Nevada."

      "Could be Nevada."

      "It couldn't be Tahiti?"

      "I don't drag you here, you know," Scott pointed out.

      "You do, actually," Charles said ruefully. "Still, I don't mean to
      barge in."

      "Well, it's not like you're interrupting anything X-rated," Scott
      said, and grinned. Charles had never stood in a nursery holding a
      newborn of his own flesh and blood, and he didn't think he'd missed
      anything when Scott grinned at him like that.

      Orange sandstone formations towered around them like monoliths in a
      Martian landscape. Brilliant white light beat down from a blue-black
      sky. A mostly-naked Scott lay sprawled across a red flat-topped

      Charles shook his head at the sight of the boy clad in nothing a pair
      of cut-off shorts. "You know you shouldn't get so much sun. You'll
      get one of your headaches."

      "No, I won't," Scott disagreed mildly. He sat up and swiped the back
      of his hand across his bare face. "I've got it all under control."

      "I'm not sure about that."

      "I'm not a kid anymore, Charles."

      "I know," Charles muttered. "It's not my dream."

      Scott said bitterly, "When was it ever not your dream?"

      Charles Xavier woke.

      He lay staring up at the ceiling of his bedroom until two things
      happened at once: the grandfather clock in the corner chimed five
      times, and Scott Summers knocked on the door and entered.

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