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5430[Info] Annual X-Day Competition

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  • Minisinoo
    Nov 11, 2003
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      Just a quick note to all and sundry who aren't already aware -- the
      annual X-Day competition is open for submission.

      From the website:

      "What is X-Day? X-Day is a day of celebration for all fans of the
      Marvel X-Books, started in 1996. Usually celebrated on September
      23rd, X-Day commemorates the anniversary of the publishing of the
      first X-Book, The X-Men. During X-Day, X-Fans show appreciation for
      Marvel comics by finding creative ways to demonstrate their enjoyment
      of the X-Books to the general public. Submissions of comic inspired
      art, fiction and web-sites are accepted and compete for prizes....

      "The details and rules for X-Day 2003 have a lot in common with
      previous years, but there were significant changes. These changes are
      designed to make the competition a lot more improved and 'fair' than
      previous years, which also means more 'fun'. You should read through
      the Details and Rules pages first, so that you know how things work
      this year."

      Broad categories include fanart, fanfiction, fan media, and fan

      There are quite a few more categores for *fanfic* this year, but
      there haven't been a lot of submissions. I hope this note might
      nudge a few folks. Possibilities are listed below.

      (Note: When a story comes in multiple chapters or parts, all of the
      parts are submitted as a single entry; the total word length of of
      the set determines what sub-category it is listed in.)

      --Flash Fiction
      This is an incredibly short work which is 500 - 1499 words in length.

      This is a standard format narrative which is 1500 - 2999 words in

      --Short Stories
      This is a standard format narrative which is 3000 - 7499 words in

      --Long Short
      This is a standard format narrative which is 7500 - 17,499 words in

      This is a standard format narrative which is 17,500 - 29,999 words in

      --Novellas and Novels
      This is a standard format narrative which is 30,000 - 69,999 words in
      length, for Novellas, or which is equal to or greater than 70,000
      words in length, for Novels; it often comes in multiple chapters.
      Note: this sub-category may be split into two if there are enough
      entries over 70,000 words.

      A series is a plot arc compsed of stories that are, in themselves,
      complete works, and that depend on one another for sense to a lesser
      degree than book chapters. In order to qualify as a serial, the work
      should have at least four stories. Duologies or trilogies should be
      treated as one story with two or three parts, and submitted as a
      single work with a combined wordcount and entered in the appropriate

      This is a serial where each part is written by a different author;
      also, the submission rules are different in that Round-Robins MUST be
      complete, while other serials only need 4 or more installments.

      --Elseworlds or Crossovers
      This category is about taking recognizable X-characters and removing
      them to a different setting. The mutant element should not be
      present, so we would see versions of the characters we otherwise know
      without mutations. The category is also for crossovers with
      non-Marvel characters, such as DC characters or various television

      --Parody or Slapstick
      Because good parody or slapstick is hard to write, and because it
      rarely manages to compete successfully against "serious" fiction, it
      has its own category. Note that this is NOT simply a "funny" story.
      To qualify, the story must be improbable (or outright impossible),
      and that improbability must played for laughs. Note also that works
      in this category should be less than 7500 words long; if yours is
      much longer, it should go in with the normal works.

      -Shorter Poetry
      Each entry is a poem, which for example may tell a short story or be
      a set of disjointed thoughts. This category is for those under 30
      lines long.

      --Longer Poetry
      Each entry is a poem, which for example may tell a short story or be
      a set of disjointed thoughts. This category is for those over 30
      lines long.

      --Song Lyrics
      This is where entries fashioned as lyrics and intended to be sung
      will go; they also should be of the non-comedic variety. Lyrics may
      be split / organized based on whether they are original or sound like
      existing songs.

      --Song Parody Lyrics
      Like 'Song Lyrics' but the songs are meant to be humerous or
      nonsensical. The Lyrics sub-categories may be combined.

      In addition, under websites, there's a website category for Fan
      Fiction Archives: This sub-category is for websites whose most
      important feature is that they host a collection of fan fiction, or
      alternately that they are homes for communities of fan fic writers.
      Examples: Subreality / CFAN, Alternate Marvel, The Marvel Fanfic
      Writers Guild.

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