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5420"A Better Man" (PG-13) S/J

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  • MitchPell
    Nov 5, 2003
      Title: A Better Man

      Author: MitchPell

      Disclaimer: I don�t own anything that has to do with The X-Men, their characters, Marvel comics, or the anything else that�s related. Nor do I own anything that has to do with Pearl Jam and the sound �Better Man.� I�m just using their stuff for a little non-profit fun.

      Author Notes: I want to thank jollycynic and xmenloganfan for taking the time to beta-read for me! I appreciate all of the help! This fanfic takes place in the time between X-Men and X2. The song �Better Man� by Pearl Jam fueled the idea for the story, so I included the lyrics at the end.

      Summary: Jean tries to say goodbye.

      Email: mitchpell@...

      Link: http://www.geocities.com/mitch_pell/fanfictions-abetterman.html

      Tootles for Now,


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