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5377FIC: Old Friend, 7/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Oct 18, 2003
      Chapter 7

      "Erik, what did you do?" Charles asked anxiously when Erik unlocked
      the door and entered his bedroom. Erik inhaled deeply and sat down
      on Charles' bed edge before he answered.

      "I sent him away," he explained.

      Charles looked sceptical when he heard this. "Really…? He just left,
      without any fight at all?"

      "I hope so. I confronted him in the gym. He said he'd leave, and
      that he was glad to do it. You don't have to worry, Charles. Even if
      he'd still be in the house, that door will keep him from you."

      Charles smiled. "You have been very good to me, Erik. I don't know
      how to thank you."

      Erik felt himself blushing. It was ridiculous, of course, but having
      Charles' gratitude meant a lot to him.

      "I think I'll come up with something," he said with a wink.

      Charles was blushing too. The look in Erik's eyes was mischievous,
      almost suggestive. He could interpret it well even without
      telepathy. Erik was flirting with him. There was no doubt about

      "Eh… Let me know when you have figured something out," said Charles,
      not really sure how Erik would interpret his words.

      "Count on it," Erik replied, taking Charles' hand in his own. "But
      don't think about it now. Now you have to focus on getting well.
      That is all that matters. Are you hungry? Would you like something
      to eat?"

      Charles smiled in reply. "Yes, some food would be nice," he agreed
      and actually started sensing how hungry he was. It was already 6:10
      PM, and he hadn't eaten since this morning.

      "Then I'll get you that," said Erik. "I actually think I'll eat here
      with you. I haven't eaten since breakfast either. What would you
      like, Charles?"

      "I think you know what I like. Take what you can find? I have never
      been selective."

      "I believe I'll find something that suits your tastes," Erik

      "I'll wait here!" Charles laughed.

      Erik left the bedroom to go fix their food. He didn't know if
      Sabretooth was still around, but he wasn't going to take any
      chances, so he locked the door. Knowing that Charles was safe could
      make him relax.

      The kitchen was empty except for Pyro when he arrived there. It
      seemed like Sabretooth had left, despite of all, and Mystique was
      nowhere around either.

      "Hello," Erik said when he saw the young man sitting by the table
      and chewing on a pizza slice.

      "Hello, Erik," John replied. "You want some?" he then asked and
      gestured at his pizza. "There's more in the fridge if you'd like."

      Erik smiled, shaking his head. "No thank you. Junk food is really
      not my field. Why are you sitting here all alone, John?"

      John shrugged. "Yeah, where's everybody? Maybe you can tell me that?"

      "Have you seen Sabretooth lately?"

      John failed to suppress a snort. "No…" he murmured. //And I can't
      say I'm sorry for it.// "Why?" he then added innocently.

      "What about Raven?"

      "She was here earlier," John told him. "I asked her if she wanted
      food, but she said she had a headache and wanted some time alone."

      Mystique? A headache? Erik thought. That was something new… I hope
      she wasn't offended when I said I didn't want to have sex with her.

      "How's the professor?" Pyro asked.

      "He is much better," Erik replied. "His powers are yet to return,
      but he is recovering. Probably it is just a matter of time before he
      can read minds again."

      John had trouble picturing professor Xavier as a non-telepath. When
      he heard the word "telepathy" he thought of the professor, and vice
      versa. Those two words were linked.

      "Can I see him?"

      Erik hesitated. "No, I'm sorry, St. John. Not today. Something…
      happened, and I believe resting will do him good this evening. Maybe
      tomorrow. I'll have to ask him."

      "Okay," John said. "I'd just like to see him before… How long will
      he stay, by the way?"

      "I don't know that. But he's staying for another while. At least
      till he regains his telepathy."

      John smiled wryly. "He must be pretty helpless without it, isn't he?"

      Erik nodded seriously. "He is. But I feel sorry for him… I know what
      it's like to lose something you've relied on all your life. I felt
      like that while I was incarcerated."

      "Stryker drugged you. It's not that same," John claimed.

      Erik wasn't sure whether or not he should tell John what Sabretooth
      had done to Charles, or that he had sent the blond giant away. Of
      course John would find out – sooner or later – that Sabretooth was
      gone, but Erik didn't feel like discussing it now. What was he here
      for, again? Right, he was to cook for himself and Charles.

      "You'll see the professor tomorrow," Erik promised Pyro. "I see why
      you're worried for him. You *were* once his student."

      "But now I'm yours," John said with a shrug.

      "Yes. Don't forget that."

      *~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*

      Charles' stomach practically growled after sometime, and when Erik
      returned with the food he had to try hard not to drivel.

      Erik had brought two trays; one for Charles and one for himself, and
      since he couldn't physically carry them both, the other metal tray
      was hovering in the air before him. Charles couldn't help arching
      his brows when he saw it, which drew a smile from Erik. The tray
      sailed toward Charles and slowly and neatly placed itself on his lap
      in the bed.

      "Wow…" Charles murmured. "Like breakfast in bed…"

      "Dinner in bed, please," Erik said. "I hope you'll enjoy it."

      "I am sure I will."

      Erik had made lamb steaks and French fried potatoes with a bowl of
      salad. It was easy and good, and something that both he and Charles
      liked. He had also brought a bottle of red wine.

      "For the food," he explained. "I thought it would suit us well, but
      if you'd rather like a soft drink I'll get you that."

      "No, I'd really like a glass of wine," said Charles.


      "Neither Charles nor Erik was used to eating in bed, but it went
      surprisingly well. One single drop of red wine trickled down
      Charles' chin and landed on the covers, but besides that there were
      no misadventures. The meal was good and when they were done eating
      they were feeling full as well as tired.

      Erik put the trays away and Charles suggested they'd take another
      glass of wine, just because this was such a special moment.

      Neither of the two men could have imagined they would be eating and
      drinking together again after what happened at Alkali Lake, so this
      *was* actually a special moment. And special moments never lasted
      forever, so they had to make sure they enjoyed it now.

      "It's not even eight," Erik said while they were sitting next to
      each other in bed, sipping their half-full drinks. "It's a little
      early to go to bed, isn't it?"

      Charles nodded. "Maybe."

      "I have a TV in here, as you may have noticed. Would you like to
      watch a movie, perhaps?"

      "Yes, that would be great."

      Erik reached for the remote control which he kept in one of his
      bedside drawers. Before he turned the TV on he crawled down under
      the covers and curled beside Charles. The telepath welcomed his
      presence and encouraged him to put his arm around his shoulders.
      Erik did, holding Charles close, but realized he had to be gentle
      and not bump his bruises or cigarette burn marks.

      And then there was another thing. Erik was indeed fully dressed, but
      Charles was stark naked. Lying in bed with a naked ex lover could
      also be a bit distracting – which is very much was. Erik didn't know
      if Charles felt the same now, but he had yesterday, when Erik helped
      him bathe.

      Erik knew he wanted to make love to Charles. He couldn't do it now,
      of course – Charles' injuries would prevent him from enjoying sexual
      activities for some time ahead, and besides Erik didn't believe
      Charles wanted sex now after what Sabretooth did to him. The beast
      almost raped him, after all.

      "If he had raped you, I would have killed him," Erik said suddenly.

      Charles turned his head to look at his friend. He knew at once who
      Erik was referring to. It had actually been very close that
      Sabretooth had forced himself upon him.

      "You would?" Charles asked faintly, and couldn't think of anything
      more to say.

      "Yes. Absolutely," Erik replied gravely and pressed a kiss to
      Charles' forehead. "But don't think about that anymore. He is gone."

      Charles curled up against Erik and rested his head on his shoulder.
      It felt good to be held close. Charles wasn't given comfort very
      often. At the mansion he was everybody's mentor and father figure,
      and certainly had to give comfort quite often, but rarely received
      any back. Everyone certainly expected he didn't need anything like
      that, but they were wrong.

      After Jean's death they had all come to him for comfort and cried
      against his shoulder, but no one had ever wondered how he dealt with
      his own grief. Charles had lost a daughter and a beloved student.
      Had anyone even thought about that? Maybe it was because he had no
      real equal at the mansion, and no one expected a child to comfort a
      parent, after all. But Erik *was* his equal, and therefore also
      someone who understood him better.

      Erik turned the TV on and tried to search for something to watch. It
      wasn't easy, since most TV channels only showed crap like talk shows
      and stupid TV-programs such as "Temptation Island" which he couldn't
      stand watching for five minutes, and he doubted Charles could

      After a while of zapping between the channels Erik finally managed
      to find a movie that seemed interesting. The movie was called "Heart
      in Atlantis", starring Anthony Hopkins.

      Erik asked Charles if he wanted to watch the movie, and felt the
      telepath's nod against his shoulder.

      "Heart is Atlantis" was in fact much better than either of them had
      expected. When half the movie was over, Erik reached for the wine
      bottle and poured himself another drink. Not because he wanted to
      get tipsy, but because he liked the taste of it, and it had a
      soothing effect on him.

      After a while Charles' breaths started getting deeper, which meant
      he was becoming tired. Erik almost had to shake him gently when the
      movie had ended, making Charles jerk and blink sleepily.

      Erik simply smiled at him. "Hey, sleepyhead… Did you miss the

      "No, I followed…" Charles objected, though that wasn't entirely
      true. "It was an… amusing film. What did you think, Erik?"

      "Alright," Erik agreed. "But I couldn't quite get used to hearing
      the voice of Hannibal Lecter in a movie like that."

      "Anthony Hopkins is an excellent actor," Charles claimed. "It's just
      that most people do remember him as Lecter in "The Silence of the
      Lambs" because that is his most famous part."

      "Yes, too bad that is…"

      "I'm getting tired, Erik…" Charles murmured, yawning loudly as a
      demonstration. "It must have been the wine…"

      Erik laughed. "Yes, maybe. But I know you have always had a low
      alcohol tolerance. Anyway, I'll let you sleep, old friend. In fact
      I'm kind of tired myself. It has been a difficult day for all of us.
      Just let me get undressed…"

      Erik moved away from Charles and swung his legs over the bed edge in
      order to get his clothes off. He couldn't see Charles, but he could
      almost *feel* the other's eyes on him. Charles was surely looking
      forward to seeing him naked. Hopefully. And Erik had nothing against
      granting his old friend's wish.

      When he had disrobed, he folded his clothes and put them away. He
      was always very particular about keeping order in his environment,
      unlike some others. Pyro, for example, simply threw his clothes in a
      heap on the floor and let them lie there for weeks. Erik's eyes hurt
      from seeing the mess whenever he looked inside the young man's room,
      but luckily he didn't need to do it very often.

      Charles' attentive eyes quickly moved over Erik's naked body before
      he crawled in under the covers. Erik still had a very nice body. He
      was slim and pale, and although his skin was saggy in places he was
      still very smooth.

      "Will you let me hold you again?" Erik asked.

      "Hmmm…" Charles murmured sleepily when Erik slid down behind him,
      pressing his body lightly against Charles'. Skin-to-skin contact
      with Erik was also a nice feeling, and he was almost about to ask
      Erik to touch him intimately again, like he did last night when he
      believed Charles was asleep.

      But Charles was too weary to become aroused for real, and he dropped
      off in no time. Erik did not. He lay behind his friend, with his arm
      around his waist while his arousal grew. Simply holding Charles
      wouldn't be enough, he realized. He would have to touch him as well.

      Carefully, not to wake Charles who needed sleep, Erik passed his
      hand along Charles' side. His ribs, his hip bone and his thigh…
      Charles had very smooth and soft skin, except for the occasional
      burn marks. Gently Erik took Charles' penis in his hand. He was
      soft, of course, and probably couldn't feel this in a conscious
      level. Erik felt the scratch caused by Sabretooth under his thumb.
      The wound was no longer fresh, and a crust had already formed.
      Probably it didn't hurt very much.

      Charles had a very shapely penis, and Erik had always loved touching
      it. He did now too. So smooth… Erik's own arousal grew too hard to
      ignore, and his member rose, erect against Charles' buttocks.

      Oh, how much he wanted to flip Charles onto his back, spread his
      legs, and simply thrust into him! It had so long ago… Too long.

      Erik started pressing light butterfly kisses to Charles' neck and
      rubbed their bodies together to create more stimulation. The
      throbbing in his erection was almost painful now, and he had to make
      sure he wasn't too rough.

      Suddenly Charles stirred and it seemed like he was waking up. His
      body finally responded to Erik's touch and his member started to
      engorge and rise in Erik's hand.

      At last, Erik thought happily when he'd managed to get Charles
      excited. It was about time.

      Charles moaned faintly, twisting in Erik's arms as he tried to buck
      his hips further into Erik's grip. But he didn't wake up properly,
      but was still too tired for that. His erection flagged eventually,
      and shrunk in Erik's hand.

      Erik didn't want to wake his friend only for a few minutes of
      selfish pleasure, but decided to let Charles sleep for a while
      before he seduced him again. He sighed disappointed, but gave up his
      attempts at caresses, leaving his hand still. Right now intimate
      touching would only disturb Charles.

      But when you wake up, my friend, I will take you by storm! he


      John was already sitting in bed in his pyjama, when he heard a knock
      on his door. He looked up from his book when he heard the sound, and
      supposed it could be no one but Erik. But it was late; past
      midnight, actually. What could Erik want at this time?

      "Come in…" he called, slightly hesitant.

      The door opened, and John was more than just a little surprised when
      he saw his late night visitor. It was not Erik, but Mystique!

      "Can I come in?" she asked him. "Or are you already asleep?"

      "No…no, come in…Raven," John said. "I'm not asleep."

      Mystique slid inside the room and closed the door. In the beginning
      John had disliked her way of moving, but now he had kind of gotten
      used to it, like her appearance. She was actually beautiful, once
      you could look past her blue skin colour, scales and yellow eyes.

      Mystique sat down on the armrest of John's armchair, regarding him.
      Her eyes then wandered to the book in his lap. It was a textbook on
      cell biology.

      "What are you reading?" she asked.

      John sighed and showed her the book. "It's my homework," he
      explained. "Erik insists I read this shit. It's tedious, but…"

      "But he thinks you should learn it," Mystique concluded his
      sentence. "I know. He tutored me too, twenty years ago. Education

      "It *is* boring, but… I did stuff like this at the professor's, so
      it doesn't really matter, I suppose. How's your head, by the way?
      Any better?"

      "Yes, it's better," Mystique admitted. "I guess it was a touch of
      stress," she sighed. "So much has happened lately… Xavier, the
      trouble with Sabretooth…everything. But at least it seems like the
      monster left voluntarily."

      John didn't quite understand what Mystique was referring to. Had
      Sabretooth left? When? He could even remember Erik asking for him
      this afternoon. How was this connected?

      "What do you mean "left"? he asked sceptically.

      Mystique frowned. "So you haven't heard?"

      John shook his head puzzled. "What?"

      "Erik has sent Sabretooth away for attacking Xavier," she
      explained. "He realized we could no longer keep him here, since he
      was becoming a security risk. And maybe he was right…"

      John didn't know what to say. Had that animal attacked the
      professor? That came as a total shock, since Erik hadn't told him

      "Oh God…" was all he got out. "Is he alright? Is the professor

      Mystique shrugged. "Erik said he wasn't seriously hurt, but deeply
      shocked. Although I can understand that. Sabretooth hurt me too."

      John recalled the scene in the kitchen yesterday, when the giant
      held Mystique pressed up against the pantry. He had scratched her,
      and the look in his black eyes had been murderous. It often was,
      though. John couldn't say he actually missed the feral lunatic.

      "I know he hurt you," he said seriously. "How are your arms?"

      Mystique showed him her scratched forearms.

      "I'll survive…" she muttered.

      Aha, John thought. That's the reason Erik didn't let me see the
      professor tonight. Because he was attacked. That explains a lot…

      "But Erik asked me if I'd seen Sabretooth around when I was having
      dinner," he said thoughtfully.

      "He probably just wanted to make sure he'd left," replied
      Mystique. "And you hadn't seen him around, had you?"

      John shook his head.

      He saw the ghost of a smile on her lips. "I don't believe Erik had
      been happy if you'd said yes."

      John smiled as well. "Apparently not."

      "I'll go now," Mystique said and rose to her feet. "So you can go
      back to your book. When Erik questions you on that, you had better
      know it."

      "I suppose…" sighed John and regarded the book in his lap with

      "Goodnight, then," said Mystique and stopped by John's bed long
      enough to pull her hand through his hair. "See you."

      She then sauntered to the door, opened it, and slipped out. John sat
      still for a long time after she had gone. Mystique visiting him –
      especially in the evening – was something extremely unusual. It had
      in fact never happened before.

      John wasn't sure why she came now, but he suspected it had something
      to do with Erik and Xavier's close relation. Perhaps Mystique was
      feeling lonely?