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5335Story Annc: "Fix" PG, AU

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  • Molly S.
    Sep 20 7:42 PM
      by Molly
      September 2003

      Here's the deal: seriously AU. Jean-centric *and* very much PG rated. Started over two years ago and left stewing in its own story juices for a very long time, and pretty different from anything else I've written.

      Noted on the page itself is the fact that I've forgotten who all has looked at this and deserves thanks. Diebin and Donna and Victoria P, for sure, and probably several other people, so: many thanks. No way would I have ever even bothered finishing without you guys, much less managed to make anything fairly decent out of it.

      Also, given that I'm posting this to WRB, I feel the need to note that the W/R in this story is not exactly overt. Diebin says it's there, I say there are shades of it. Basically, don't expect huge amounts of hanky-panky. *g*

      Summary: They all have a lot to learn. Mental hospital AU.

      Archiving: XMMFF and WRFA archives only, should they want it.

      Feedback/crit seriously appreciated at irreelle @ mac . com

      Story is here: http://www.voyeuse.net/fix.html