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5319Fic: Dear Diary, My First Mission (original character/X Team)

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  • "Sunshine"
    Sep 13, 2003
      Title: Dear Diary: My first Mission

      Rated PG for violence

      Type: adventure

      Summary: Panther describes her first mission with the X Team

      Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I do own the creation of Danielle
      aka Panther

      Feedback: Please

      Archiving: with my permission - would like to know where it is being

      Dear Diary:

      It has been a while since I last wrote. Things have changed
      drastically for me in the last two years. I have found a new home
      and future at the Xavier School for the Gifted. Here, I am at home
      with my own kind and it is here that I found my soulmate - a mutant
      named Logan.

      Logan and I share feral personality traits. We are driven by
      instinct. He is a former soldier augmented into a killing machine by
      the military he served. It was Fate that brought us together. John
      turned out to be a jerk. Logan saved me from him and that is how we
      met and eventually fell in love.

      Yet, I eventually was taken prisoner by my ex-lover and suffered the
      same tortures Logan did. Ever since my augmentation and return to
      the mansion, I am changed – and not just physically. Something in my
      soul has changed. I have a new gift besides my healing ability – I
      have the same metal alloy skeleton and a set of claws quite like my
      Logan. I suppose Stryker really liked the idea so much since several
      mutants with healing abilities have been augmented in much the same
      way. Logan wasn't the first and he obviously wasn't the last. But,
      I digress.

      Logan began training me more thoroughly in recent months. He is not
      happy about it and he keeps trying to talk me out of what my real
      intentions are. I never imagined myself a superhero, but then again,
      neither did Logan. Somehow, that is what makes this all kinda
      interesting and a far cry from the career I originally thought I
      would pursue.

      I joined the X Team. I felt I should. My new gifts and abilities
      have lit a fire in my heart to do something besides just being
      Logan's girl and waiting nervously for him to return from another
      mission. And, that is why I am writing now.

      Today was my first mission as an official member of the X Team. Our
      job was to rescue several mutants who had been taken hostage in
      another military installation. It seems that there are more and more
      of these military installations popping up all around the world.
      William Stryker may be dead, but his legacy lives on. No matter what
      we do, it just seems impossible to convince regular folks that most
      of us mutants don't mean any harm. Sure, there is good and bad in
      everything, and as Professor Xavier told the President – the X Team
      would be watching.

      The human race has always feared what it doesn't understand. Myths
      and legends were born from such misunderstandings. I just wish
      people could learn to live with each other for the better good of all
      life on earth. We share such a small planet and this constant
      fighting and killing of each other is just such a tragedy. Why can't
      we all focus on the gifts each and every one of us has – to use these
      gifts to make life better for everyone?

      Some of us are good at teaching, others in the medical field, and yet
      others in creating new strains of productive food plants. These
      should be the things we focus on – not torturing some poor soul
      because his skin is a different color or has unusual abilities. If
      no harm is being done to another, then why make it an issue?

      Anyway, General Miller has continued to be a great ally in assisting
      us. He has a daughter who is a mutant – her abilities are developing
      more strongly in the last year as Jean and I have worked diligently
      with her. In return for our help with the teenage girl, the general
      keeps track of new budding mutant-hating factions and the actions of
      the Brotherhood of Mutants, and today I helped assist in a rescue.

      Logan was pretty uptight with my insistence to come along, but I
      wasn't going to sit here in our room waiting again – not when I can
      help. He has trained me, actually like a drill sergeant, and I was
      confident in my abilities to assist. Logan knows I can defend myself
      quite well. But, I know he worries too much about me, and as much as
      I love him for caring, he didn't want to realize what an awesome team
      we two make together. Logan saw it today.

      This mission required nearly the entire team to accomplish – Ororo,
      Scott, Jean, Marie, Bobby, Kurt, Logan and myself. Colossus stayed
      behind with the kids and the Professor but was ready to join us at a
      moment's notice. The Professor was mind-linked with Jean and it
      almost seemed as if he was right there in the X Jet with us.

      We arrived in northern Montana at dusk. Jean and Ororo landed the
      jet well out of range of any radar. A team of commandos sent by the
      general met us there and all together we hiked through the wooded
      forest close to the hidden building. The entrance was well
      camouflaged – painted in shades of gray and green and its surface
      could have easily been mistaken for a large rock outcropping. Scott
      used controlled optic blasts to carefully break in. The opening
      revealed a small tunnel with a ladder and one by one we descended.

      This new military group was very aware of our abilities and their
      defenses proved formidable. There were laser turrets and robotic
      machine guns guarding the entrance. Logan immediately knew this was
      not going to be an easy mission. These guys were prepared for us.

      Jean used her powers to make the weapons point towards the roof when
      they fired, and Scott used his optic lasers to destroy what he could,
      while Logan just went hell crazy cutting them down with his
      adamantium claws. He rejoined the group with several wounds from
      bullets that hit and healed. When Logan focuses on what needs to be
      done, he does whatever it takes to get it accomplished – even if it
      means putting himself in great danger.

      Once deep inside the installation, we broke up into two teams.
      Scott, Jean, Ororo and Kurt made up one team and Marie, Bobby, Logan
      and myself were the other. We splintered off to cover more ground.
      We needed to find the main headquarters of this installation and were
      literally following our noses. Logan figured it had to be one of two
      ways – if anyone was going to know anything about military bases, it
      was the former soldier himself. The two teams stayed in constant
      radio contact.

      I can't begin to describe the fear I felt – my heart began racing and
      my blood was pumping so strongly. I could feel a heightened sense of
      awareness unlike anything I ever experienced before. And before I
      realized it, we were there – outside the door of the main room of the
      installation and faced with several soldiers all poised to fight.

      The surprise of this was that they were all mutants. It scared the
      hell out of us that we were about to engage in battle with those of
      our own kind. Jean tried to reason with them and we learned the
      hostages were to be trained to do battle. This group organized
      secretly using the military to learn to fight, to gain access to
      weapons, and then broke away when they were ready to begin their
      mission – to begin recruiting other mutants and prepare to wage war
      for superiority over humankind.

      Once this motive was established, we knew we would again be fighting
      our own kind. Jean tried again to reason with them. We learned that
      this group was under orders from Magneto himself and this wasn't the
      only group he had beginning to organize. The Brotherhood was growing
      in size and complexity and we were going to have to bring it down one
      at a time.

      The fight that ensued was brutal. It was mutant against mutant
      struggling for superiority. It all happened so fast. But, we had no
      choice. The X Team fanned out taking on several soldiers. We faced
      guns and knives and mutant gifts I can't even begin to describe. It
      was bloody and furious and through it all I know Logan was not too
      far from my side. I know he feared for me. I watched Logan as he
      went into Wolverine mode – setting free that berserker rage that
      helps him survive.

      As battle went on, Logan and I found it beneficial to tag team
      against some of the rivals. We used each other as extra support or

      Logan hoisting me up so I could flip mid air and round house kick one
      of our adversaries down. He laced his gloved fingers together and I
      stepped in. With a burst of incredible strength, he lifted me up
      sending me well into the air and the extra height and leverage
      allowed me to attack with great force. I think I shocked Logan with
      the success of the maneuver.

      There was another instance where I leaned forward and Logan rocketed
      over me using my body for support as he rolled over my back and could
      kick out at another rival. And with the fall of each soldier, we
      grew in confidence in the use of teamwork. Scott joked that it
      became the Wolverine and Panther show as we stood back to back, claws
      extended, and completed the conquering of the rivals with no

      But to our shock, we would not complete the mission without loss of
      life. Several soldiers broke free bringing out the hostages and
      began killing them one by one in front of us. The entire team flew
      at them trying to stop the senseless slaughter – the hostages were
      teens or early twenty-year olds.

      Bobby froze a few men. Marie touched two until they dropped their
      weapons. Optic blasts from Scott sent several of them flying into
      the wall landing unconscious. Logan – Wolverine – let it all go –
      his killer instincts didn't allow for any kind of mercy at this point
      and I hated the idea that my own desire for blood took command.

      Our claws became red with the blood of several men. I felt my own
      rage burning as those innocent children fell victim to prejudice.
      Logan tossed several of the kids behind him and into the safety of
      Ororo and Kurt. Ororo used her whirlwind powers to create a small
      hurricane around herself. The eye of this storm was the place of
      safety where she received those saved. Kurt used his teleporting
      powers to take each hostage back to the jet one at a time. When the
      hostages were safe, Kurt took Bobby and Marie back where they kept
      things as calm as possible awaiting our return.

      One mutant came from the shadows. I don't think we ever got his
      name, but he was a hulking creature with green skin and reptilian
      eyes. He had a long tail and spikes on the undersides of his wrists
      that he wielded like daggers. He used them to stab Logan in the back
      and when he fell to his knees, blood falling from the deep wounds and
      from the side of his mouth, I knew he was in trouble.

      My anger raged – my mate had been injured and I flew at the reptilian
      mutant using my claws to cut off the bony spikes as they slashed out
      at me. I cried out with wails of rage and pain and I slashed and
      slashed and slashed with my recurved claws slicing open wounds that
      would prove fatal.

      I had made my first kill. Initially, I loved the feel of the warm
      blood flowing over my claws and splashing onto my face. The animal
      in me desired nothing more than to destroy this adversary and revenge
      the injury my Wolverine had suffered. And when I looked down to see
      the huge mutant down on the ground breathing his last breaths, I felt
      a great sense of dismay. This was exactly what I didn't want – I
      didn't want to resort to extreme violence, but I did. I had killed.
      I know it was defense, but I still took a life.

      We gathered together and lifted Logan to his feet. His wounds were
      still serious making him weak and in need of help getting back to the
      jet. Kurt held Logan against him and teleported back to the jet.
      Kurt returned to collect the two bodies of the two young boys who
      were killed. We would give them a memorial service and spread their
      ashes in the garden at the far end of the mansion. It would be the
      least we could do for them in their honor.

      Marie and Ororo flew the jet closer to the compound and we boarded
      the jet. I stayed by Logan's side wiping the sweat from his
      forehead. He was semi-conscious and I talked to him trying to keep
      him with me. I knew his healing abilities would overcome this, but I
      was still scared for him. He held my hand weakly and Jean worked on
      him to patch up what she could prior to our return to the mansion.

      Back at the school, Logan was rushed to the medlab. By that time,
      Logan had all but healed and regained full consciousness. His smug
      look having escaped death again made me want to kick his arrogant
      ass. But, he smiled and hugged me instead.

      Charles briefed the rescued mutants on their future at the school if
      they chose to stay. General Miller took custody of the surviving
      soldiers and through their interrogations, we learned of Magneto's
      plans to take control. We had won this battle but there was still a
      war to face and it bothers me that we may have to again fight.

      Logan is now asleep in bed by my side as I write this. His arm
      drapes possessively around me. I spent several hours sitting with
      him and Jean as I got through the shock of having taken a life.

      There were many men who lost their lives to Wolverine's deadly
      claws. He tried to comfort me, but my heart still aches that I took
      part in such violence. The Team tries to fight without use of deadly
      force, but it sometimes happens and I took part in it. I know there
      must be a better way to handle this. There has to be a way to make
      people understand they don't need to fear us, and there must be a way
      to make Magneto change his wicked plans to become the supreme force
      with his Brotherhood of mutants.

      Why must we fight with each other? Why can't we all learn to live in
      harmony and peace? For me, these are the human wishes I have, but
      Panther has tasted blood and that is now my personal battle.