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5318Fic: Quality Time (PG, X, S)

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  • loonylittlewitch
    Sep 13, 2003
      Tiny little thing. This won't take a lot of your time. ;)

      Title: Quality Time
      Author: Lisea ( loonylittlewitch@... )
      Author's website: http://www.freewebs.com/draakkon
      Rating: PG
      Thanks to my betas, Quidam and H.! :)
      Summary: Sillyfic. That's all you need to know. ;)


      "Welcome home, Professor," Scott Summers said, hoping his nervousness
      couldn't be picked up from his voice.

      "Thank you, Scott, it's good to be home," Xavier smiled. He wheeled
      up the ramp by the main door. "I take it everything is in order?"




      The elevator door slid open, revealing the metallic floors of the sub-
      basement. Nothing seemed to be amiss, except... a water hose running
      along the floor. It ran from the janitor's closet, and as Xavier
      wheeled on, the hose disappeared behind a corner. Turning the corner,
      he was shocked to see the hose disappear into Cerebro.

      "What on Earth?!" he asked Scott, who had found an interest in the
      ceiling tiles.

      Wheeling on, he got to the Cerebro door, and sat still as the retinal
      scan confirmed his identity.

      "Welcome, Professor," said the feminine computer voice.

      The doors slid aside, and Xavier could have never steeled himself for
      what faced him in Cerebro.

      It was half-filled with water, with a dozen yellow bath ducks
      floating around. The control table on the far end of the platform was
      overflowing with assorted liquor bottles, little paper umbrellas and
      colorful plastic flower vines.

      Xavier sighed.

      "Scott, this was the last time I let the staff have a pool party."