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5305OT: Yet another slash plot bunny

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  • The Dark Knight
    Sep 2, 2003
      This idea has been in my head for a few days and since I suck at writing X-Men fics I figured I'd post the idea and see if anyone wanted it. This could be set in any of the X-Men universes. Rating doesn't matter but I love R/NC-17

      Colossus and Gambit have been dating for a few months now Colossus is head over hills in love with Gambit when one day Gambit says that he wants to date someone else and Colossus. Colossus is not happy about this and Gambit gives him a choice to share him or Gambit will leave him. Colossus leaves him.

      Must haves: Suicide attempt by Colossus. Colossus finding love in the arms of one of the usual looking mutants (Beast, Nightcralwer, Toad...) Gambit realizing too late the mistake he made in letting Colossus out of his life.

      May haves: A very sad song.


      Eddi: "I was taken up, up into heaven and I talked with God!"

      Saffy: "What about?"

      Eddi: "Fashion mostly"

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