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5303“The Trouble with Bamfing" (1/1) Nightcrawler [PG-13] X2

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  • Clare
    Aug 30, 2003
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      Title: The Trouble with Bamfing
      Author: Staramber
      Summary: A Drabble about the good and bad points of Nightcrawler's
      Feedback: Please
      Archiving: As long as you let me know first.
      Disclaimer: Fox and Marvels not mine. No money made


      My mutation is a very useful one. As long as I can see where I'm
      going I can disappear and go wherever I want. There are distinct
      problems with it though. Like when my mind wonder's.

      For example I could be thinking of a certain weather witch. One that
      some men may say is a little attractive. If I'm not concentrating I
      could teleport in on her in the shower or getting chanced or in bed,
      naked. It's very embarrassing but she does like the way blue people
      look when blushing. A lot.

      That is just an example though. Ja.
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