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5164FIC: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys (All / Pyro)

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  • G R
    Jul 11, 2003
      I'm X.
      I'm a lurker.
      But I own that disfunction and apoligize for reading
      lots and being poor in feedback.

      So, I wrote this.
      It's long so I broke it up into parts, here's the
      first. I hope you enjoy.

      Title: The Downside to Being One of the Bad Guys
      By: X
      Disclaimer: I own nothing and am getting no money.

      Summary: The main problem with being one of the bad
      guys is that you have to fight the good guys, and you
      what always happens with that...

      Professor Charles Xavier called together his X-men in
      the war room. Seated with him around the large table
      were Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, plus the newly
      promoted Rogue and Iceman. In their new black shiny
      uniforms they sat with the others, but unlike them,
      couldn�t keep excited grins from their faces. On
      Xavier�s right was another X-man, a Big, shaggy Animal
      like man.
      �For our newer members, this is Dr. Hank McCoy,
      codename, Beast. He�s a former student that�s
      recently returned after doing some work in
      Washington.� explained Xavier, gesturing to the large,
      blue, furry man next to him. The assembled team
      members all gave nods and made polite noises. �And
      Hank, this is Logan, codename Wolverine, Marie,
      codename Rogue, and Bobby Drake, we call him Iceman.�
      Beast smiled and raised a paw.
      ��I am prepared to meet anyone, but whether anyone is
      prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another
      matter.� Mark Twain. I truly appreciate your warm
      welcome; it is a pleasure to be back.�
      �How was Washington Hank?� Storm asked, still smiling
      from Hank�s little joke.
      �Oh, I think I did what I could working against the
      registration act. People can be very stubborn.�
      Murmurs of agreement followed that comment.

      �Speaking of stubborn, Magneto is up to something
      again. We�ve gotten a report; he�s lurking around
      Rhode Island. It�s Magneto himself has left the house
      so it must be something big.� Cyclops explained.
      �It�s defiantly Magneto?� Rogue asked
      �Older man, big purple cape and funny bullet helmet,
      is the description given to the local police. I think
      it might be him.�
      �I want Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Beast and Iceman
      on this mission. Start with reconnaissance. Try and
      find out what he�s up to.� Xavier explained. He
      glanced at Logan. �I know things may get messy,
      that�s why we�ll be prepared, but do try and keep
      things civil Logan.�
      Wolverine gave a rather dashing smile, �Don�t I

      Cyclops set the Blackbird down behind cover at an
      abandoned construction site. Magneto had been in the
      area recently and the partly constructed building kept
      the passersby, if there were any, from spotting the
      plane. Cyclops turned around in the pilot�s seat to
      look at the team. Iceman and Rouge were barely
      containing their excitement. The Beast was reading
      some kind of Rhode Island tourist guide. Cyclops
      didn�t bother to question this odd act. Wolverine was
      warily looking out the front window.
      �What�s the matter Logan, scared of a little recon?�
      �Shut up Cyke, something doesn�t smell right.�
      Humoring the Canadian Scott replied, �OK we�ll stay
      extra alert.� Scott was able to keep from laughing as
      they left the Blackbird. Logan was always making
      missions a fight. It was possible for them to leave
      the mansion and not wind up fighting someone. Why
      didn�t Logan see that?

      It was a blatant set up. Wolverine growled. As soon
      as they left the Blackbird the Brotherhood had
      appeared. Mystique smiling seductively, Magneto, cape
      blowing in the light breeze, Toad tilted his head to
      the left eyeing them, and Pyro grinning as he twirled
      a ball of fire with the fingers of his left hand, a
      blazing tail connecting it to the lighter in his
      right. They were a dashing scene and Wolverine
      charged towards them. But the master of magnetism
      held him mid stride. Wolverine couldn�t move,
      couldn�t join his teammates as they took on the

      Pyro launched his fire at Bobby. Iceman dodged and
      lobed an ice ball at the other teen. Rogue inched
      closer, trying to go unnoticed and then make a grab
      for Pyro. But Mystique grabbed her around her clothed
      middle using one of her agile blue legs. She brought
      Rogue down and then kicked. Rogue moaned; this was
      not a fun part of the job. She rolled over and
      prepared to fight the shape shifter.

      Cyclops turned to the skirmishes that had erupted.
      Then he felt a weight slam into his back. He tried to
      turn, create enough force to throw off the person on
      his back. But, it was Toad, and he was stuck on good.
      Cyclops drove his elbows back, trying to hit the
      smaller man in the ribs or some other vulnerable spot.
      Failing to do this, instead he felt Toad�s tongue
      close around his neck, strangling him. In a last
      ditch effort as things got gray Cyclops threw himself
      backwards onto the ground with all his strength,
      sandwiching Toad between the ground and the black
      leather back of the X-man. Toad moaned.
      �You twat!� he cursed.
      �Hey! Keep it civil, you�ll ruin Bobby�s virgin
      ears.� Pyro scolded from behind, using his foot to
      roll Cyclops off of the little green man. Both men
      were now shakily on their feet and slowly circling
      each other.

      The Beast was not an overly aggressive man. But, they
      were under attack, he needed to fight back. They
      needed Wolverine back, so Beast scanned the
      battlefield for Magneto. They were slowly spreading
      themselves apart. Rogue and Mystique were literally
      rolling on the ground. Pyro was advancing Bobby
      towards a framed out wall that was likely meant to be
      the houses� garage. The conflict between Toad and
      Cyclops was almost comical as the X-men leader shot
      optic blasts at the Brother who simply flipped out of
      the way like a gymnast. Magneto stood farther back,
      trying to avoid notice a little, still holding
      Wolverine by the adamantium of his bones. The Beast
      spotted him and began a loping gait towards the master
      of metal.

      A few feet away Iceman and Pyro were going strong.
      Pyro threw himself forward and the shift in target
      threw Bobby off balance. Pyro and Iceman collided
      head on and fell to the ground, a mess of limbs.
      Physically it was a very even match, the boys were
      practically the same height, weight, and had been
      originally trained by the same man. But Pyro had been
      undergoing very intense training with the Brotherhood
      since he�d left Xavier. He was up first and had Bobby
      around the wrists. Bobby shot an ice blast, which
      caught Pyro in the chest, making him stumble back to
      his knees. Bobby tried again but Pyro re-aimed
      Iceman�s hands in a harmless direction. Glancing
      around Pyro saw his opportunity. He brought his knee
      up to Bobby�s face, dazing the blonde. He yanked him
      the couple feet to a support beam of the partially
      completed house and withdrew a pair of shiny metal
      handcuffs from his pocket. Bobby groaned. �I know
      kinky, but hey standard issue from the master of
      metal.� He clipped Bobby�s wrists around the beam.
      Bobby�s head cleared the rest of the way and he
      struggled to free himself.
      �Sorry Iceman, I win.� And Pyro left him to rejoin
      his teammates.

      Hank crashed into the caped figure and sent him
      sprawling to the ground. Magneto let go of Wolverine
      to focus on his attacker for the moment. In response
      a big metal beam flew towards the blue man. Beast
      caught the flying metal and tossed it aside. Beast
      continued forward. He crashed into Magneto and drove
      them backwards, farther away from their teammates.
      They rose up into the air. Magneto was in control.
      The beast held on to the older man and tried to break
      his focus. He was a little wary about the drop, but
      he really couldn�t just wait for Magneto to decide to
      take him back down. With his acrobatics he should be
      able to roll when he hit and avoid extensive injury.
      Committed to the plan, he let go of Magneto and pushed
      off with his strong feet.

      The sensation of falling was intense. It was so
      intense Beast was only vaguely aware off Magneto
      shooting upward as his velocity increased due to the
      dramatic reduction in weight. He was sure the
      Brotherhood leader would regain control and return to
      the fight, but beast really had to focus his attention
      on landing first.

      Wolverine felt Magneto�s hold drop, felt control rush
      back into his limbs. He was in full combat mode. He
      took off towards the Beast. Suddenly he came to stop.
      Eyes closed in concentration he heard the crunch of
      sand as an enemy stepped up behind him. Wolverine
      spun around fast and planted his claws deep into the
      member of the Brotherhood who had tried to sneak. His
      nostrils flared as the faintly familiar scent drowned
      in the coppery odor of blood. Opening his eyes, he saw
      the slack-jawed face of John Allerdyce. The only
      thing that was holding the boy up was the adamantium.
      Withdrawing the claws, he caught Pyro and lowered him
      to the ground.

      He�d speared the kid between the ribs, clean through
      the left lung. John lay on the ground, his T-shirt
      was black so you couldn�t see a spreading redness, but
      the wetness was apparent. In fact it was oozing out
      from under him and visibly pooling around the wound.
      His chest was heaving madly and he wheezingly gulped
      for air.

      �Logan!� the cry of Marie cut through the air.
      Mystique held her, dangling over the edge of the hill
      they were fighting on, a bit of a distance away. It
      was a good distance up, she�d be lucky to survive the
      fall. Logan felt the animal that had edged back upon
      seeing the damage he�d inflicted, come rushing back.
      One of the pack was in danger. He had to remember,
      Pyro was one of the enemy. He�d done the same thing
      to Mystique that day on Liberty Island. He took off
      in a run, determined to stop the blue skinned brother
      from her current mission.

      (Thanks for reading)

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