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5146SHORT - They Marry the Good Guy

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  • Sharon
    Jul 3 2:38 PM
      Author: Bailey
      Title: They Marry the Good Guy
      Rating: PG
      Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, of course.
      Summary: What I think would have happened if Jean said that line...


      Jean looked deeply into Logan's piercing eyes.

      "Logan, girls flirt with the dangerous guy... they don't bring him

      Logan cocked an eyebrow.

      "They marry the good guy", she finished.

      Logan took a step backward, threw his head back, and let out a huge

      "Jesus Kee-rist, woman! Marry?!?! What the hell do you think this

      He walked past her toward the jet, then stopped and turned to bring
      his lips close to her left ear. He breathed out slowly, tickling her
      neck with his warm breath, then said in a throaty whisper:

      "Baby, I was just tryin' to get some sugar."

      As the clumping of Logan's boots disappeared into the jet, Jean's
      face turned almost the color of her hair. She ran her right hand
      through her hair, looked up at the stars, shook her head, and let out
      a laugh of her own.

      "Shit," she said to herself. "I'll never live that down."