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5033Two slash recs (spoilers)

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  • rachel_martin64
    Jun 1, 2003
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      Two slash stories, Logan/Scott. Adult fic, dark, and not really
      because of the explicit sex and violence. I'm calling them adult
      because they depict some seriously disturbed stuff goin' on in the
      brains of the mansion's alpha males. No fluffy bunny luv going on in
      these two stories.

      Sucks to be You, by Halrloprillalar

      Logan plays mind games. 5 vignettes. Twisted Logan, deer-in-the-
      headlights Scott, and great descriptives. In one scene the author
      describes Logan as wanting "to eat Scott's rage, suck it out of him
      like juice from an orange." In another the author gives a thumbnail
      sketch of Scott as "cardigan, cheekbones, sunglasses at night." I
      liked her writing style very much. It's still a dark and twisted

      Shame, by X-tricks

      Logan takes his place in the pack. In this story, Scott doesn't
      foolishly try to fight Logan on Logan's terms -- physically, that is.
      Instead, Scott employs a mixture of put-downs, praise, and promises
      to bring his would-be successor to heel. Psychological warfare. A
      creepy and believable view of Scott-as-leader.