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5029FIC: Waiting, R-ish, Logan/Bobby

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  • hypertwink
    May 31 10:54 PM
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      I have finally succumbed to the lure of Bobby Drake. It's no
      surprise, really. Shawn Ashmore is a hottie! A little ficlet about
      what could have happened after Bobby blows on Logan's...um, bottle.

      Title: Waiting
      Author: Glenn
      Rating: R-ish
      Fandom: X-men Movieverse.
      Pairing: Logan/Bobby UST
      Category: PWP, mild Angst
      Summary: Logan thinks about Bobby.
      Notes: Bobby, Logan, a late-night encounter, and lips blowing on a
      phallic symbol...How can you not slash that?! Notes: Bobby, Logan,
      a late-night encounter, and lips blowing on a phallic symbol...How
      can you not slash that?! This is for Annie. Twinks rock!!!
      Disclaimers: Mavel owns them. I just write about them.
      Spoilers: X2


      It was his mouth that I always remembered.

      The gentle, plump curve of it. The ever-present quirk at the corner,
      as if ready with a one-liner or two. The shy, sleek pink of his
      tongue which peeked out when nervous. The slight jut of the pouty
      bottom lip that betrayed the teenager that he actually was.

      A fuckin' kid, for Christ's sake!

      That was why I stayed away. There may have been jagged holes in my
      memory but I knew I wasn't a pedophile. Or a rapist.

      But I still was no saint. Nowhere in the friggin' neighborhood, in
      fact. But if I had any doubts about it, they disappeared one night
      months ago.

      All it took was a bottled drink, icy breath and the slow pursing of
      his lips.

      Even for just that moment, I could sense several things all at
      once... my cock pressing hard against my jeans at the sight before
      me...Marie's and John's scents surrounding him like perfume...the
      bitter tang of frustration mixed with his own brand of horny
      teenager...the almost-silent hitch of his breath as he felt the air
      around us grow heavy with tension...the rapid flutter of panic in his
      veins...the sudden, bright flare of arousal.

      It took all my control (which really wasn't really much to start
      with) and a full-out assault on the mansion to stop myself from
      marking him, from claiming that mouth.

      But it wasn't the time or place. Had kids to defend, the Professor
      and Scott to save, assholes to hunt down and kill. So I let it be.

      As it turned out, we all had a lot to deal with in the following
      months: Jean's death, the rising anti-mutant sentiment, Magneto...And
      various little things too many to count or remember. But one thing I
      could never forget was that mouth of his.

      How it would flash even, white teeth as he joked around with the
      others. How it would sweep up into a smile as he saw Marie. How it
      would deflate at any mention of John. How it would tremble faintly in
      my presence.

      I had no illusions about what was happening. This wasn't about love.
      That fantasy got buried underneath a fuckin' avalanche. This was
      about lust. About sex, plain and simple. Someone to hold onto at
      night, to erase the loneliness that hounded me even for a little
      while. Some body to grind and fuck into the mattress, until the
      dreams, the fear faded away.

      As for the boy... I guess, it was all about his overwhelming need to
      touch and be touched. With Marie frustratingly off-limits and now
      with John gone, he was desperate enough to seek out any form of
      release. Driving him toward something or someplace dark, unsure and
      definitely dangerous.


      Even now, the beast within me snarls in impatience. It's been 2 weeks
      since his 18th birthday. Another barrier has fallen -- he's now
      legal. An adult who can do anything he wants.

      Whom I can do anything with.

      But I do nothing. Except watch that pretty, little mouth.

      As he dances around the issue. Thrilling at the danger. Flirting with
      all the possibilities. Coming closer and closer to the edge. He wants
      it so bad. But he's scared. He's still not ready to let himself go
      and fall into the abyss.

      Sooner or later, he will.

      And I will be there. Waiting.