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5002[ADMIN] Warnings & Ratings

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  • Minisinoo
    May 29 1:08 AM
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      --- **Callisto** <calisto@...> wrote:
      > the thing is there was NO pairings listed

      Which is why I said that our FAQ suggests listing them.

      There will be no "slash" (or "het") warnings required on XMMFF. If
      an author wishes to give them, that's just fine, but they aren't
      required. Notations of protags and pairings IS encouraged, but not
      required either, especially if it would spoil a story's surprise.

      We DO ask a warning (or rating) of adult content since we have
      underage readers and those who don't want to encounter adult
      material. But opening a story labeled or rated as "adult" means that
      the reader may encounter anything that might be found in the regular
      fiction section of a Borders or B&N. Thus, please bring the same
      responsibility and caution to reading fanfic that you would bring to
      picking up a novel in a bookstore.

      Thanks. If you want to take this up further with the mods, then
      please email Vic and I offlist.

      Co-Mod, XMMFF

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