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5000Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Re: X2: 'An Ephemeral Compostion'

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  • **Callisto**
    May 29, 2003
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      the thing is there was NO pairings listed
      it's internet etiquette, I never said anything about publishings
      heck I don't actually read books that involve sex, or relationships
      only when it comes to fic, do I read them.
      Sometimes a rating just isn't enough, it doesn't really give you anything
      only the level of what is in the fic.
      I was merely making a suggestion, that would in turn benefit alot of people

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      Subject: [xmenmoviefanfic] Re: X2: 'An Ephemeral Compostion'

      Well, I may not give the answer some of you are hoping for. Vic
      already addressed this, as my fellow mod, and I agree with what she's
      already said. A few more points to add to that.

      Te did mark her story as [R] in the story header, albeit not in the
      subject header. At least she gave you a rating, which is more than I
      do. [R] indicates adult material, which could be anything.

      I want to point out, folks, that giving ratings and warnings at ALL is
      more information than you'll find in any published novel or short
      story in a bookstore. Unless you go to the children's and young
      readers' section, if you pick up a novel written for and marketed to
      adults, it could contain ANYthing. Yes, the backblurb will often give
      you a clue ... but it might not, too. You wade in, you take your
      chances. I have spent 17 of my life in professional publishing, and I
      will never be convinced that film ratings are appropriate to fiction.
      If you want to know why, I've already written on this at length:

      Warnings are a courtesy. This group's FAQ does SUGGEST (though not
      insist) that the writer give the major protags and/or pairings.
      Obviously, use common sense. Listing more than 1-4 will be *unwieldy*
      and "ensemble" should be assumed. But a note of the pairing(s)
      involved should be sufficient to indicate there's same-sex material.
      Of course, with a few stories, indicating a pairing would ruin it, and
      I won't ask an author to ruin her story as long as she's indicated
      that adult material is present, if it is.

      And I'll never insist on a specific SLASH warning unless I also insist
      on a specific HET warning. To do so would be an unfair bais.

      Co-Mod, XMMFF

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