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5Re: [xmenmoviefanfic] Welcome to the list

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  • Chenin23@aol.com
    Jul 17, 2000
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      In a message dated 7/17/00 9:15:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
      idontwannawait@... writes:

      << Hi there, and welcome to the X-Men Movie list.

      A few questions/thoughts to get the discussion ball rolling....

      1. Have you seen the movie yet?
      So far, once on Friday, but I plan to see it again tomorrow depending on
      if I get out of work early or not.
      2. Any particularly fic-able scenes/missing scenes/situations that
      stick out in your mind?
      I'm going to agree with Elizabeth and say anything Logan/Rogue related,
      they were definitely the standouts of the movie for me.
      3. Has anyone started work on a movie story yet? (I have. :) )
      Unfortunately, I have no writing talent. While I love to make them up in my
      head I truly suck when I try and put them on paper. That's part of the
      reason I'm such a fan of fanfiction. It's amazing how many talented writers
      there are out on the net. I really look forward to reading all of your


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