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4916Missing - pt1

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  • Kaye Bauer
    May 16, 2003
      Here's the first installment! Enjoy! Feedback welcome!

      Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men but I wish I did, especially
      Wolverine! Hey anyone, my birthday is coming, hint, hint!!!


      CHAPTER 1

      Logan pulled up in front of the mansion on the motorcycle that
      he "borrowed" from Scott when he had left that day so long ago. He’d
      been gone for a year looking for his past, but all the leads that the
      Professor had given him came back as dead ends. As he turned off the
      cycle and started to walk up the stairs to the front door he thought
      back to the last year or so and the girl he left behind.

      He was in the last town he came to sitting at the bar with a beer and
      one of his cigars. He kept thinking about her and the one thing that
      kept him going from one dead end after another was the thought of
      her,"his Marie".

      He didn’t remember when or where he started thinking of her as "his
      Marie" and not just "kid" but he now knew that his feelings were more
      than friendly, especially by the dreams that he was having of her and
      him together. He was in love with her, not Jean, he only wanted Jean
      because Scott had her, that was lust not love. But being as stubborn
      as he was, he could not admit it. It was not in his nature, he never
      had to take care of anyone but himself. It had always been me,
      myself, and I. No attachments and no commitments, that’s way he had
      always liked it. But everything changed that night in the bar in
      Canada when he had first met "her". But he didn't know it at that

      It was further locked in when they "connected" that first night when
      she had touched him, she had been just saving herself when she had to
      absorb some of his "life force" after he had run her through with his
      claws after waking from one of his "nightmares". He had felt so
      damned guilty and afraid seeing her impaled on his claws and gasping
      for air. He also remembered that day in the train station when he
      told her that he would protect her always, but he found out that he
      couldn’t follow through with his promise. He had been helpless when
      they were attacked by Magneto.

      His feelings for her finally came to the surface when he had held
      her "dead" body in his arms after the rescuing her from Magneto’s
      damn machine, willing her to come back to him. He was overwhelmed by
      feelings that he never had before, love and loss. His feelings were
      cemented when they connected again, almost killing him this time in
      the process. He was willing to die for her and almost did. Logan was
      overwhelmed that his feelings ran that deep. His last thought before
      the blackness was that he loved "his Marie". When he woke up in the
      medlab and recovered from the mission he fled. He could not face her
      until he could figure out his feelings and come to terms about their
      differences. They had so many of them, their ages for one. She was
      young and fresh; he was old and used. He had no past and could not
      offer he any kind of future, both being who they were. He was also
      nothing but an animal in his eyes and how could she love someone like
      him. He had given her his dog tags and told her he would be back for
      them. Then he had run like a coward, with the excuse that he was
      looking for his past. The Professor had said that he could come back
      anytime he felt ready, that he should think of the school as his
      home. That was a laugh, he had never stayed long enough in any one
      place to call it home.

      Now after all this time all he could think of is her and getting back
      to her. He wanted to tell her how he felt and the differences be
      damned they would make it work one way or the other. He hoped beyond
      hope that she felt the same way and that she had waited for him.
      Logan thought <Why should she? I never wrote or called, as far as she
      knows I'm dead> He knows that the Professor had been "tracking" him
      using Cerebro, but he had never entered his mind, knowing full well
      that Logan needed his privacy to sort things out.

      For the last several days he had had a feeling of dread and a nagging
      thought in that back of his mind that he could not get rid of saying
      <"help us">. He knew something was very wrong but he could not put
      his finger on it, so he hopped on Scott’s bike and headed back to the
      only place that he had ever called home.

      The first thing that he had noticed when he came through the gates,
      was the lack of activity on the grounds, it was too quiet. There were
      no students on the lawn or on the exercise courts. As Logan walked up
      the stairs and in the front door he was assaulted with many scents.
      He could smell fear, sadness, anger but the worst of all was the
      scent of death. He ran through the mansion to the lower levels. As he
      approached the medlab the smells were the greatest. He opened the
      doors. What he saw he could not believe. On several beds in the lab
      were his friends, people he had come to think of as family (when that
      happened Logan doesn't know), with others standing around.

      On one of the beds was Scott, his visor missing. His eyes were
      closed. His body had wires and tubes coming out of everywhere. He
      looked like hell. Standing next to him was Jean, looking no better.
      She was battered, but still trying to tend Scott in her professional
      manner. But by the look in her eyes and the slump of her shoulders it
      looked grim. On another bed was Professor Xavier, his eyes were also
      closed as if in sleep but he had wires attached to his head hooking
      him up to a machine. At times his body twitched and the machine made
      beeping noises. Logan had never seen him looking so worn or fragile.

      Standing in the corner off by herself was Ororo (known as Storm). Her
      white hair was all askew and her black X-men uniform was all torn.
      She looked as if she was in shock, she was also crying to herself.
      Logan looked around at all the faces but the one he did not see was
      Marie. He felt relief that she was not there, that maybe she was
      somewhere else safe. Logan started to turn around to his friends.

      Logan started to ask "What hap……" but stopped.

      What finally caught Logan’s eye was the body off to the side covered
      by a bloody sheet. Logan left out a howl, not stopping or caring to
      say anything to the others, he approached it with a feeling of dread.
      With a lump in his throat and thinking of the things he would never
      be able to tell her or not being able to ever hold her (her poison
      skin be damned, he would have found a way.) He slowly pulled back the
      bloody sheet.

      Preparing for the worst and with tears in his eyes, Logan looked into
      the battered and dead face of. . . . Bobby! Logan thought <I know
      it’s not right> but all he felt was a sense of relief that it was
      not "his" Marie. But then another fear came over him. He looked
      around again and as he did this, Logan let out a growl and yelled to
      the others

      "What happened here? Where is Rogue? WHERE THE HELL IS MARIE??!"

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