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4883The Return Chapter 3

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  • Megan
    May 8, 2003
      Once again, the same spoilers are in effect...

      Logan woke up to find Jean already outside the tent. It was still
      relatively dark outside and she was looking at the small fire that
      was left.

      "Hey," he said sitting beside her, "what's wrong?"

      "Nothing," she said continuing her stare at the fire.

      "Come on, I don't have to be telepathic to know that something's
      bothering you..." he gently coaxed.

      "I just feel bad, I guess," she answered.


      "For leading Scott on like this...for hurting him. I'm sorry; I know
      I hurt you too," she said as a tear escaped down her cheek.

      "Hey, don't cry," he said reaching over and gently wiping the tear

      She smiled a little. "Who knew the big, bad WOlverine was such a
      softie..." she teased.

      "Don't let it get around; it'll ruin my reputation," he replied. He
      gently caressed her cheek and slowly leaned in to kiss her. "You're
      so beautiful," he said before kissing her. It wasn't like their
      kisses before; where those had been urgent kisses, this was slow and
      passionate. He pulled away a moment later. "I'm sorry," he said. "I
      guess I have a little trouble resisting you," he added forcing a
      small smile to relieve the tension.

      "Don't apologize," she said softly tracing his lips lightly as she
      studied his eyes. She couldn't stop now, even if she wanted to; it
      was as though a force was pushing her to follow her heart and not
      her head.

      She kissed him gently. They shifted the their knees for more contact
      as the kiss intensified. She carefully removed his shirt and ran her
      fingers over his strong (AN--and very attractive!) chest. The kisses
      slowly became more urgent as desire and passion took over. They
      stood and reentered the tent.

      He awoke a few hours later and noticed the sun had come up. He then
      noticed Jean cuddled next to him under the sleeping bag they'd used
      as a cover the night before, her head on his chest. He smiled and
      pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. He knew he was in
      trouble now...Jean was like a drug to him; the more he got, the more
      he wanted. Now that they'd slept together, he knew he would never be
      able to get over her. It was then he realized how much in love with
      her he really was...and it would kill him to see her with Scott.

      "Hey," she smiled when she finally woke up. "How long have you been

      "A few minutes. Sorry if I woke you," he said lightly stroking her

      "You didn't," she said, taking his other hand in hers. It was that
      moment that it hit her as to what she'd just done with Logan. "Oh my
      God," she said upset.

      "What's wrong?" he asked worried.

      "We just...I just...oh God, I just cheated on Scott!" she said

      His heart broke at her words; she regretted it. "I'm sorry," he said
      reaching for his clothes.

      "It's not your fault," she said putting a hand on his arm.

      "If I hadn't kissed you..." he started.

      "If you hadn't kissed me, I would have kissed you," she
      interrupted. "We got caught up in the moment. Maybe we should just
      forget this..." she said.

      That did it. He needed to get out of there fast before she saw him
      completely shatter. "If that's what you want," he said and quickly
      pulled on his jeans. "I'm going for a walk; will you be ok?" he
      asked before leaving the tent.

      "I'll be fine," she said. She kicked herself for saying that and
      hurting him. She knew he loved her, and she hated being caught
      between the two men she cared the most about.

      When Logan returned half an hour later, she was sitting outside on a
      tree stump.

      "You ready?" he asked.

      "Yeah," she said.

      "Fine, let's go then," he said grabbing the stuff that she'd
      repacked and throwing it on the bike. He got on and she climbed on
      behind him. Together they headed for the mansion.

      Don't worry...things will get better for them, I promise! Feedback
      requested, please!